May 18th, 2005


Atsumori makes me laugh

Yesterday, after we bought fabric, we were showing pictures of the costumes we were making to Amanda (the one who was kind enough to take us fabric shopping), and then since she was nice enough to listen while we obsessed over things, we just kept going. And then I realized that our wallpaper was the third incarnation of Yasuaki, which I pointed out, and then we pulled up the wallpaper of Atsumori so she could see Eisen's third incarnation. I still don't think she would have really cared, but we were obsessed. And then I ended up changing our wallpaper, because Atsumori is very pretty.

We really want to play through HaruToki 3, because it uses characters from The Tale of the Heike, which I think is totally awesome. That was always my favorite part of Japanese history. It kind of figures that Tomokazu Seki would be Yoshitsune.

And Hoshi-san is the infamous Atsumori. That amuses me, because, if I remember correctly, Atsumori was a punk. But he played the flute, so there's a connection with Eisen... Or at least, they found a flute on his dead body after Kumagae killed him, whether or not he actually played it...

But yeah. Atsumori is the one who refused to tell his name to Kumagae because it would be beneath him, and said if Kumagae really wanted to know, after he(Kumagae) killed him(Atsumori), he could chop off his head and go ask around until he found someone who recognized it. We guess the theory was that it wouldn't take long, because Atsumori was so noble and famous, being a member of the Taira clan. Punk.

And connecting him with Eisen is just very amusing to me.

Anyway, I still need to change all the color settings from yellow. That would be good, because then everything would be more purple, which would match our home page (Bad Friends), and we wouldn't get quite as much of a shock every time we open a new Internet browser.