May 12th, 2005


Well I'm disappointed

We watched Bambi on Tuesday. It had been like ten years since we'd seen it, so it was nice. All the voices were familiar-ish, so we looked them up on IMDb to see if any of them were in other Disney movies, and found out that Sterling Holloway played adult Flower. We're like, "No, I think we would have known if it was Sterling Holloway." But we checked anyway and it was. It's only especially sad because I was watching the movie thinking how strange it was that Mr. Holloway wasn't in it. The worst part is the more I think about it, the more I get the feeling I already knew he was Flower.

Then we went and played with the extras, and we took the "Which season are you?" personality quiz thing and kept coming up with Fall. Well, that was okay; it was probably really close (since it usually is with personality tests), so if we go back and change a few answers, we can get something else. Or so we thought. Anyone who's played with those Disney DVD personality tests should know that they change the questions each time you take it. We took it three times, and we still got Fall. It's only slightly annoying because in the Spring vs. Fall debate, we always, always fight for Spring, because Spring is way cooler than Fall.

The description for Fall people was pretty cool though, so I guess we're okay with it (we had the same answers for enough of the questions that it didn't make a difference, and we even changed a couple of answers on some of the repeat questions, so there's no question that both of us would have gotten Fall). Now we need to have other people take it so we can see the descriptions for the other seasons, though, because it's not quite as fun when you rig it.