May 8th, 2005


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I was totally ready to post part two of the Adventures of the Mini-GFs, and I had the entry all written and everything, but MS Word was being wacky, so I couldn't open it up to copy it, so I saved the LJ entry on Notebook and restarted the computer, and just as everything was starting up Mom showed up unannounced with Aurora and the rest of our day was spent away from the computer.

At least we had fun, so I'm not complaining. There were some things that I thought were worth mentioning here... although I'm not sure if they fall under the category of gossip, so I'll begin with a disclaimer: Steve is not a bad person; he's just exactly the kind of person we don't get along with.

I'm not sure why Mom told us the following short story; I think she probably wanted us to deny what Sarah said. Apparently she, Steve, and Sarah were discussing why we're so mean to Steve, and Sarah revealed to them that it's that we don't like him. The first time I heard it, Mom was telling Aurora, which is why she didn't pay any attention to my response: "Finally! Someone understands!"

To me, it was like that episode of "The Weekenders," where Lor comes up with this plan that is obviously not going to work, and Tish tells her right from the beginning that it's not a good idea, but Lor goes ahead with it anyway, and later when Tish says something else about it being a bad idea, Lor says, "Admit it, Tish! You never liked my plan to begin with!" and Tish says, very sarcastically, "How perceptive of you!" which is how Athena felt back in about October every time Mom said, "You just don't want me to get married!" But that was more specifically that she didn't want Mom to marry Steve. Oh well.


We had dinner at a place called Logan's Roadhouse. It was an interesting experience, because I felt like we'd found our way to the wrong side of Frontierland. It seemed to be kind of a theme restaurant, with murals on the walls, and peanuts that you could just leave the shell on the floor, and beer logos adorning all the walls (liquor's really big in Fresno). The food was pretty good, though, and our waitress was really nice.

And in a short while, we will be leaving to have dinner over there. We did end up compromising and telling Steve we'd bring dessert. I overheard Mom talking to Aurora about how it was silly of Steve to make sure she didn't ask us about dessert (it's supposed to be a surprise), because if he knew anything about us, he'd know we don't tell her anything. But that's not entirely true. In fact, we tried telling her about a few things that were going on, like when we had the big manga rush in March, but she just didn't seem interested. I guess we shouldn't have tried telling her when she was so distracted with her stepchildren. But then, I might have heard her wrong when she was talking to Aurora. Oh well.

On the bright side, we have an indication that we're at least not pure evil, because in Moroni, it says that evil people can't give good gifts, and when Mom said she wanted to play the Mother's Day card and ask for peanut butter squares for dessert, she didn't know that that was what we were planning to make.


It's amazing how one stupid thing can ruin a pretty good evening. Let me tell you a way to get the Twins to hate you really fast, for a very long time. You threaten them with sharp (or seemingly sharp) objects. It doesn't matter whether it's actually sharp or not, if you hold anything in a position as if you are actually going to cut one of us, or even just our hair, you will immediately fall out of favor until such time as we receive a sincere apology. Or until you do something cool enough to make up for it.