May 5th, 2005


Adventures of the Mini-GFs

So we were going through our computer files, and we found some old stuff from the early days of the Posse, and we thought we'd share. The Adventures of the Mini-GFs started when Heather was playing Final Fantasy VIII, and she was trying and trying to defeat Diablos, and Athena said "Come on, Diablos, we know you have a thing for Shiva," trying to convince him to lose, and the next time Shiva did Diamond Dust, he was defeated. Maybe there was another attack after that, but only one at the most.

I guess we took that idea and ran with it, trying to come up with personalities for all the GFs. I seem to remember that Cactuar was going to be the dirty old man and Pandemona was going to be the white guy who thinks he's black. They don't show up in this story. The title was taken directly from Adventures of the Mini-Goddesses. We took some of our ideas and wrote a story in four parts, to be translated into Japanese and read aloud as part of our Japanese 102 final project. I'm sure if I looked at the Japanese version now I'd be appalled. I don't remember very well, as this was more than four years ago, but I'm pretty sure the general story was a group effort, and, since Pam was the one sitting at the keyboard, most of the details and tangents are hers. The "just kidding" thing probably started when one of her tangents went a little too far and Athena and I were like, "Uh..."

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We just watched Gundam Seed Destiny 28, and wow. It was...yeah. The really shocking thing about it is that it's Thursday and we're only just now watching it. What is that?

Random note: I like Strike Rouge; the color scheme matches our LiveJournal.

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