May 3rd, 2005


This is what happens when the Twins don't sleep.

Or maybe it's the four hours of Brain Powerd...

Viz translated the title of Zettai Kareshi. wrong!!! Okay, so they actually translated it completely accurately. We should have emailed them, but we didn't know they would release it so soon! We were going to try talking to someone at AX. But she orders the guy online, so wouldn't "You've Got Male" be the perfect title?

Why are we constantly a step behind!? *angst!*


Well, we heard back from our boss and we're not fired. There was very little fear of that, actually, because our boss is a very, very nice person. But it was the first time we'd turned something down, and we actually want to translate everything, so it was a nerve-wracking experience, so it's nice to know we're not fired, even if we never were going to be.

So now the operative word is hima. It's Japanese for having nothing to do; that's why people say it when they're bored. Since we're now way ahead with the serieses we haven't finished (or caught up with Japan on), we're kind of on vacation. For now, we can pretend we get Golden Week too. But today is just one of those days where you feel completely non-productive, and you feel very blah because of it. It doesn't help that we're very indecisive, so we're like, "We could do this! ...nah."

But eventually we'll get over it, and then we'll do stuff like translate for fun, or work on costumes, or various other productive things. That would be good. Yeah.
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