April 17th, 2005


Poor Kitty...

Oreo's so cute!  This morning he was being all friendly and social.  He even joined us in the living room while we were brushing our hair.  He almost never leaves the bedroom before dinner time!  But then we got out our church clothes.  He saw my dress and almost did a double take before hurrying to my bed so he could hide under the covers.

Yes, we're that ugly in dresses.

Okay, not really.  At least, we hope not...  Anyway, Oreo has learned that church clothes mean church people coming over to drive us to church.  He's also learned to hide when the phone rings.  I don't think he used to be so afraid of people.  He's always been shy, but I don't remember him being this shy before we got back from college.  Maybe he got it from us; we didn't used to be so afraid of people either.  Or it might be that the people he had to deal with for the past few years have been kind of scary.  Or really scary, now that I remember some outbursts. 

But I'm glad he doesn't seem to be afraid of us, at least.  He'll come watch Wheel of Fortune with us, and sit on Athena while she plays XenosagaII.

Now that there aren't any extra people over, he's back out of hiding, which is happy.  I wonder if we'd traumatize him too badly if we made him move to Japan...

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Time for our weekly Gundam Seed obsessing!

Okay, so there was a new character in Bleach a couple weeks ago, and we kept trying and trying to figure out who played him, and the best guess I had was Susumu Chiba.  Wrong!  It was Nobuyuki Hiyama.  Then we're watching Futakoi Alternative and there's this guy and we're trying to figure out who plays him, and again my best guess was Susumu Chiba.  And again it was Nobuyuki Hiyama.  So finally, this week we're watching Gundam Seed Destiny and there's this voice playing random extras (he seriously played like three guys) and I'm like, "He sounds a lot like Susumu Chiba.  It must be Nobuyuki Hiyama."

And you guessed it!  It was Susumu Chiba.  Of course.  Of course.  Ah well.  Maybe someday I'll get it right.

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