April 9th, 2005


What's happening to us!?

We watched an anime about American football.  And liked it!

This feels very wrong to me.  See, there was a time when I simply did not care about sports.  Then two things happened.  First, we met a guy who told us that we liked sports, even though we don't.  Obviously, this causes us to like sports even less.  Second, when Jeopardy! was one of the few things we had to look forward to during the day, it was replaced by Monday night football.  And so, while we realize sports have nothing against us personally, the whole idea of them is just icky.  Especially football, even though the one guy I mentioned earlier mostly went off about baseball.  It didn't help that when we moved to this ward, the information sheet they asked us to fill out had a section entitled "Interests" (or was it "hobbies"?  At any rate...) which proceeded to list several sports we could check and group every single other thing under "other."  It's not right.

So why did we even download this anime, knowing that it was about American football?  And yes, we did know beforehand that it was about football, because when I'm procrastinating, I'll go to sites like the TV Tokyo site, and towards the end of March, it started having new pages about all their new anime.

Two reasons: The Eyeshield 21 pages came up with a picture of a bunch of cheerleaders with some people.  Skimming the caption to see if there were any voice actors in it, I saw the name Miyu Irino.  And while Daisuke Niwa will forever be played by Soichiro Hoshi in my head, because Irino-kun did play Daisuke in the anime, it led to him being our friend, even though he probably doesn't remember us and was probably only trying to put Miyamoto-kun on the spot.

Reason two came from the character page, where we saw a picture of a very pretty young man from one of the opposing teams.  I'd give a link or a picture so you could see him, but the TV Tokyo Eyeshield 21 page is Flash.

So we downloaded it and watched it.  And it was really fun!  Irino-kun's character is so adorable!  He's actually kind of like Daisuke, only more suited to Miyu Irino (at least in my opinion).  And Youichi pointed like twenty guns at him to get him to join the team!  And he (Youichi) has pointy ears and sharp teeth, which is just fun.  And there was actually hardly any football in the first episode.  But they ask questions about American football during the eyecatch.  Blah.

So it looks like we're going to keep watching it.  Pretty Boy hasn't shown up yet, and we want to hear his voice.

I still think MAR is my favorite new anime so far this season though.  Or Ueki no Housoku.  Or FushigiBoshi no Futago-hime.  Heheh.  We'll see.