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Working vacation

We did consider not working today, but after how little work we got done yesterday, we decided that wasn't an option. So we've been doing research for the crazy crazy thing all day, except for the little bit where we met at the church for a member of our bishopric's family reunion/Thanksgiving dinner.

(We were kind of hoping to have Thanksgiving with the bishop and his family again this year, because it was so nice last year, but one of his daughters' family suddenly called them to Oklahoma.)

It was pretty nice, but kind of awkward because neither of us is a good conversationalist, and Celeste didn't talk much because she hasn't been feeling very well. The way she's been acting, it was looking like we might have a repeat of our senior year of college, so we were really worried. She still seems to be kind of avoiding us, but she's opened up some, fortunately, so hopefully things will get better.

So now Celeste is in the living room working on secret santa stuff for work and taking advantage of free mooooovies on demand (when a jingle works, it works), while we keep working and working and working. Seriously, we decided it was time for a break, but as we're waiting for Outlook to load, Athena's looking at our script that has the next thing we need to look up, and she's like, "We might be able to find that there!" In fact, she's still flipping through books as I speak. We're going to need to make up our own holiday just to give ourselves a chance to catch up on anime.

And so that's how our day's been. We gave Oreo some of the leftover turkey we brought home, and he was in our room meowing at us soon afterward. We can only assume he was asking for more. We'll have to give him some later.

Today I'm thankful for once again having a nice family to spend Thanksgiving with, things we need to look up that are easy to find, finding out last night that the Winco really is within fairly easy walking distance, the fact that Winco is within fairly easy walking distance, and those little post-it page marker thingies.

We hope everyone is having a very happy Thanksgiving!
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