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So we were trying to recover from watching the most recent episode of Sousei no Aquarion, but there were a few minutes before Justice League Unlimited started, so we watched the last few minutes of The Batman. It was interesting because there was this guy, I think he was The Quizmaster (sorry to any fans who know the name), and whatever his evil plan was, he told Batman he'd stop if Batman could stump him. So Batman first makes sure he's allowed to ask any question he wants, and then he asks, "What is the true identity of the Batman?"

In the show, The Quizmaster got all upset because he didn't know, and started fighting and stuff. But this guy was like three times Batman's size, and only about three feet away. All he had to do was pull of Batman's mask, see his face, and answer "Bruce Wayne." And here he said he knew everything.

I guess it can be chalked up to knowledgeable people's seeming inability to apply their knowledge. I wrote a while ago about how I couldn't put two and two together, and I don't even know all that much. Maybe a lack of knowledge forces people to be more creative or something.
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