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So close, and yet so far.

Just when we thought we could play Final Fantasy XII, our close friend Drama shows up. And then the crazy crazy thing ends up taking longer than we'd hoped. Can't say we're entirely surprised, though. Maybe we'll get to play tonight.

In the meantime, the cable guy came by and now we have digital cable. I guess that's not really "in the meantime," now that I think of it, since we're kind of ignoring it right now, and it's not like we can't play FF12 because we're waiting for something. We still haven't figured everything out, and with all the other stuff we have to do, we don't have much patience for it. This "on demand" thing is intriguing though.

I'm too tired to talk about anything. And yet off I go. It looks like people are done guessing on the fandom/lover meme, so I'll go edit that with the answers when I'm done with this. We realized that some of them would be really hard, but we didn't think they'd be that hard. I was really hoping someone would guess Eyeshield21, and I thought someone might get Ai Yori Aoshi, because we posted about that fairly recently. Ah well.

Today I'm thankful for having more afghans, having room in our schedule to adjust for things taking extra long, $5 coupons for, friendly cable guys, and mornings I'm not made to get out of bed by Jehovah's Witnesses knocking on the door.
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