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Killing time

As we sit here, burning our very first DVD (EyeShield21!! Too bad we don't get to keep it; we'll just have to burn our own copy later. Or we could keep this one and make our anime buddy a new one. We'll see.), I figure we may as well update LiveJournal.

We had fun watching Heroes last night. I was yelling (playfully; I really don't care about it that much, nor was I surprised) at the TV because last week they said we'd know what "Save the cheerleader, save the world," means, and the episode was almost over and they hadn't explained it. So Athena says, "I think it means if you save the cheerleader, you save the world."

Maybe you had to be there.

While watching, we discovered that the actor who plays Hiro was going to be on Conan O'Brien's show, so we had to stop playing Final Fantasy XII despite the Daily Shows reruns. But at least we got to play longer. I would have said that we probably would have turned the game off by then anyway, but there's no guarantee that that's true.

So anyway, we taped the interview for Celeste, who had to wake up early for work, and it was very entertaining. The main thing that stood out to me was that Conan asked him about his being a vocal percussionist, and he explained that it was the a cappella term for beat-boxing. But the fact that he knows a cappella really makes me wonder if he's friends with a certain a cappella loving translator guy many of us know and love.

Tomorrow a guy's coming to install digital cable for us. Comcast's having a promotion where it's only seven dollars more than basic cable, and I've missed Toon Disney for so long I didn't put up much resistance. I want to see the Weekenders again, dangit!! Now how sad would it be if Toon Disney doesn't show the Weekenders anymore? Well, we'll find out. And we'll find out if we can actually burn working DVDs! We'll find out lots of stuff. In good time.

Meanwhile, work is going slow as expected. We'd hoped it would go faster, but no such luck. I guess that's what happens when the project has come down to a lot of research. Oh well.

Today I'm thankful for user-friendly DVD burning programs, Mom finding a bunch of afghans that she'll be giving to us, those little page marker post-it thingies, the Weekenders, and fun interviews on late-night TV.
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