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I've got those happy feet...

Today has been another long day. And now when I type I think of tap-dancing.

So Mom called soon after we decided to wake up and asked if she could take us out because she wanted to get us some shoes for Christmas (our church shoes have been falling apart least as long as we've been here, I think, and she finally noticed the other day; we never had the time, patience, or money to buy our own shoes). We needed to get to the bank and the grocery store, so it worked out perfectly... except that we never got to the grocery store.

As it turns out, plans got altered, and we met with Mom, Steve, and two of his kids for lunch, then went to the bank, and then went to see what the show times were for Happy Feet. By that time it was just us, Mom, and Kimee, because Steve and Scott had some football thing to watch. We got there just barely too late for the 1:45 showing, so we got tickets for the 4:30 one and then ran errands, which mainly involved us going from store to store, seeing if they had what Mom needed. It wasn't bad at all, but after all the driving around, we were very tired.

Since we ended up going to various places that sold music, we thought we'd check each of them to see if they had the Elemental Gelade soundtrack. We didn't much care for the anime, but we really liked the opening theme and it would be good to have for when we're translating the manga. (It makes the question of, "What music should we listen to?" easier when we have something directly related to the series we're working on.) Of course, as I was typing this, the thought occurred to me that it might not be out yet, and I looked it up, and indeed it comes out in January. (I really should pay more attention. We didn't even know Harry Potter 7 had an official release date until Mom saw the Order of the Phoenix movie trailer and said the movie comes out six days after the book. Oy.)

So, needless to day, we didn't find it. Maybe we should have bought the Yoko Ishida "All of Me" CD at Suncoast. We've been dying for new CDs. Part of that is because we found out last week that we were too late to catch the non-holiday firework show, so we decided that as soon as we got a check from Del Rey, we'd make an order from CD Japan, so now we've been very impatient. So I guess we'll just deal with it a while longer. We do have some very good CDs already.

And so we saw Happy Feet, and it was good, but focused too much on visuals and not enough on story. It was very pretty. And then we went to the mall, where Mom got the one thing she wanted, and we didn't find the CD we wanted but got Pocky instead (we had no idea they sell Mustang's gloves domestically; I've never considered cosplaying Mustang, so I didn't feel the need to get them at the time, but now that I remember that I want some gloves because my fingers freeze while we're translating, they might be kind of neat to have), and on the way back from our very long trek through the mall, Mom spotted some shoes that looked like they might actually be good church shoes for the Twins, so we ended up getting those, too. And then we came home after a long day.

And now I'm very tired. Tonight I'm thankful for getting to see Happy Feet, finding good church shoes, having Pocky, tap-dancing, and persistence.
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