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Long convention meme

First, we'd like to mention our friend heero2020. He just recently got back from his mission, and he just started LiveJournal, and! he's entering a writing contest. He's posting drafts on his journal, but the two of us aren't always so great with the constructive criticism (as some of you may be well aware... eheh...), so we thought we might point some of you English-major, editor-type people in his direction. If you have time to give him some feedback, I'm sure he would greatly appreciate it!

Second, baranoneko had this awesome meme on her LiveJournal, so we took it and ran away! Bwahahahahaha!!

1. How did you find out about anime conventions?
Well, we first heard about the San Diego Comic Con in 1998, when all we and our friends ever looked up online was Sailor Moon, and its creator, Naoko Takeuchi, went there. But the first time we heard about an anime anime convention was the next year, when we got into Fushigi Yuugi and found out that its creator, Yuu Watase had been to AX 1998, and we were very, very sad we missed it. We missed it the next year because of Girls Camp, but the next year, 2000, we were determined, and as it turned out, the timing was excellent, because Yuu Watase came back! Yippee!

2. What and where was your first convention?
As I mentioned before, Anime Expo 2000, Anaheim, CA, in the beautiful Disneyland Hotel. Unless you count Comic Con 1998.

3. How old were you at your first convention?
16 at Comic Con, 18 at AX.

4. Did you cosplay at your first convention, and if so, as who?
Of course! At Comic Con we were Eternal Sailor Moon (sans wings, sadly) and Sailor Pluto, with Celeste and Sarah as Sailor V and Super Sailor Chibi-Moon. A guy at one of the booths gave us stuff because our whole family was dressed as Sailor Moon characters. And! this adorable little Japanese girl was sitting on her dad's shoulders and saw Athena as Sailor Moon and was awestruck. It was so cute.

At AX 2000, we went as Amiboshi and Suboshi. We brought our Team Rocket costumes, too, but we felt so much love as Amiboshi and Suboshi that we just couldn't give them up.

5. How many conventions have you've attended presently?
Comic Con 98, AX 2000 - 2006, and Otakon 2002, for a total of only nine conventions.

6. What was your favorite convention and why?
That's a really, really tough one. In general, AX is a favorite, but since we haven't really been to any others (enough to compare), then that's kind of obvious. As for the year... That's really hard. I think I preferred all the even-numbered years over the odd-numbered years. AX 2000 gets a special mention because we met one of our best friends there, and it was our first anime convention. AX04 was Death, but aside from that part, it was really awesome, with an awesome skit, and Tomokazu Seki! Whee!

7. List all your cosplays that you've cosplayed in the past (that you can remember) and what one is your favorite?
Oh dear...
Let's only include convention cosplay, because I can't remember when we did all the different sailor soldiers, but I can say I've made every soldier outfit that appears in the anime up until the Sailor Starlights and Anima Mates show up, except Saturn.

1998 - Eternal Sailor Moon, Sailor Pluto
2000 - Amiboshi & Suboshi (Fushigi Yuugi)
2001 - Miki & Juri (Utena), Team Rocket (Pokemon), Sailors Moon & Mercury, Amiboshi & Suboshi
AX2002 - Tarta & Tatra (Rayearth), Kawaii Cosplay Quartet uniforms (designed by mara_lune and made by her and baranoneko), Yu & Ai (Final Fantasy: Unlimited), Sailors Neptune & Uranus, Amiboshi & Suboshi, Tokaki & Tatara (Fushigi Yuugi), Aya & Aki (Ayashi no Ceres)
Otakon2002 - Goku & Hakkai (Saiyuki)
2003 - Goku & Hakkai, Amiboshi & Suboshi, Risa & Riku (DN Angel), Kadzuki & Ban (GetBackers)
2004 - Goku & Hakkai, Amiboshi & Suboshi, Risa & Riku, Aisha (Gundam Seed), and of course, Clavis & Julious (Angelique Trois)
2005 - Goku & Hakkai, Amiboshi & Suboshi, Risa & Riku, Lacus & Meer (Gundam Seed Destiny), Eisen & Yasuaki (HarukaNaru Toki no Nakade), Goofy & Donald (Kingdom Hearts)
2006 - same as 2005, plus Kadzuki & Ban
Halloween 06 - Thorn & Zorn (Final Fantasy IX)

Favorite? Ooooohhhh... That's nearly impossible to choose. We love the Saiyuki ones a lot, because we love Saiyuki so much. We like the FF9 ones, because they're new. Risa and Riku were a milestone for me, because they were the first costumes since Amiboshi and Suboshi that I made entirely from scratch and didn't require any safety pins to be worn at the convention. And everything I made for 2005 is something I think turned out very nicely. Come to think of it, the Angelique costumes turned out really nice, too, considering how rushed they ended up being. Eheh.

8. If you have a dream convention that you want to attend, what is it?
Um... If there's another AX Tokyo, I guess.

9. Do you attend convention events, such as panels, karaoke, etc.?
We don't usually do the big events, but we loooooove panels. We'll go to panels for anyone who's worked on anything we've seen, and then some. We love the behind-the-scenes stuff. Japanese voice actor panels are our favorites, of course.

10. Have you ever entered masquerade? And if so as who and did you win?
AX 2004. It was Death, but it was awesome. We cosplayed Angelique Trois, and our skit was the best (if only we'd known we could have had a stage ninja, we could have had all nine Shugosei). But alas, it didn't win.

11. What do you usually buy in the dealer's room? If so, what do you buy?
We try to buy at least one CD every year, as kind of a tradition. We'll also buy any cosplay accessories of characters we cosplay (Hakkai's earcuffs and Goku's diadem, for example), and manga, especially now that we're so far away from Kinokuniya.

12. Do you buy anything in the artist alley? If so, what do you buy?
We didn't even really know what artist's alley was until 2003. We prefer to spend our money on official art than fan art.

13. What was the longest-traveled convention you've driven to or flown to?
Otakon 2002.

14. Have you met your favorite English voice actor?
Our favorite English voice actors aren't really dub actors, so no, but we have met some awesome Japanese voice actors.

15. Do you generally go to conventions with friends? Or your special someone? Or both?
We always go together, and we often meet friends there. This year, we went with our anime buddy; that may or may not happen again next year.

16. Have you've met a special someone at a convention and then hooked up there, or after?

17. Do you regret going to any specific convention? And if so, why?
Never. We always feel like it was worth it, even if there was a lot of stress or Death. Though sometimes that might be the relaxing effect of the after-trip to Disneyland.

18. What conventions do you have planned for next year?
Just AX, as usual.

19. Have you cosplayed your dream cosplay yet? If so, who?
We have so many dream cosplays it's hard to say. Saiyuki, DN Angel, Kingdom Hearts, HaruToki, FF9... all of those could be considered dream cosplay. Dream cosplays we have yet to do include FushigiBoshi no FutagoHime, +ANIMA, and Host Club. Starfire and Blackfire from Teen Titans is something we've wanted to do for a while. And of course, there's the major dream we have of getting a gigantic group together to cosplay every job from Final Fantasy Tactics. And the dream to get the whole party from FF9 and give everybody an aloha shirt, straw hat, and sandals.

20. Do you go by your forum name/pen name/nick name at cons?
Nope. Our real names are cool enough.

21. Do you have a convention that's on your birthday?
I'm sure there is one, but we've never been to it.

22. What is your current favorite anime/manga? Have you cosplayed it yet?
It was Host Club, but since that ended, it's kind of died down, and no. Right now we're still looking for a current favorite favorite, but we still like all our original favorites a lot.

23. Do you make your own cosplays, thrift them, or get them commissioned, etc?
We make our own, of course. I do all the sewing, and Athena does all the accessories, iron-on, and painting stuff.

24. Do you have any retired cosplays? If any, why are they retired?
All our costumes that are retired are mostly that way because we can't find the pieces. Including all our Sailor Soldiers, Tarta & Tatra, and alas, Team Rocket.

25. What cosplays do you have planned for next year? Or if there's alot of them, what series?
We're not sure what our finances are like, but there's nothing officially in the works yet. But as always, +ANIMA, Host Club, and FutagoHime are waiting in the back of our minds.

26. Did you like this meme?
It took way too long, and is eating into our FF12 time. Other than that, we wouldn't have taken it if we didn't like it.

27. Are you bored out of your mind because you're not at a con?

28. When is your next con?
Not until July. Unless we decide to go to another one before then. Like Anime Overdose or something.

29. Have you started any of your cosplays for your next con?
See previous answer.

AAAAAAAAND 30. Who do you like to cosplay with the most?
Each other, of course! But it's always waaaaaaaay more fun to cosplay in groups. We can't emphasize this enough! All the people we've group-cosplayed with before, and you know who you are, are totally awesome people to cosplay with, and we so want to do it some more.

That was way too long. I wanted to talk about Top Model and how the certain contestants are easily related to us and our sisters, but now I don't want to anymore. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe not.

Today I'm thankful for editors, Oreo not hating me (he's sitting at my feet right now. Awww!), finally being done with that meme, being able to take that meme, and getting things figured out with CMX.
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