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Our front door is interesting in that it doesn't like to stay closed. This is probably because it's just a mite too small for the doorframe. Normally, this isn't a problem, because we're in the habit of locking the door whenever we come inside, and that keeps it closed. But lately, since we haven't given Celeste a key yet, the door remains unlocked after she leaves for work. And when the door is unlocked, it can be blown open by a strong enough wind.

This had only been a problem once...or twice...? in the past, and sometimes you can get it to stay closed without locking it. Plus, the door tends to be very loud (it's sticky, I guess) when it opens, so we figured we'd hear something if there were any potential problems.

So while we were working this morning, I started hearing noises like the door was opening. We were caught up in the translation, so I ignored it for a little bit, but then my paranoia got to me. We need the door to stay closed for two reasons: 1)our living room isn't exactly the cleanest (it's not really very bad, but still), and 2)Oreo has been very, very curious to know where it is we keep disappearing to when we go through that door.

And sure enough, when I went out to check the door situation, it was open, and Oreo was right outside it. He was still close enough that I could just grab him and drag him in (I really do have to drag him, because he's too heavy for me to pick up). But now he's spent the rest of the day in Celeste's room, and I'm afraid he's upset with me. Or it could just be that the weather's getting colder and Celeste's room gets the most sun. Still, it's hard when he stands by the door and meows and meows. We let the cats explore a bit outside a long time ago, but when we mentioned it to someone working at the office, she said we're not supposed to do that. We have new management since then, though, so maybe...

We'll see.

In other news, we've encountered Kansai dialect in Nosatsu Junkie, and we're not sure how we want to deal with it. What's a good accent for a teenage male model? And can we write in such an accent? Or should we just footnote it and leave it to the English adaptation writer? Or do they even have an English adaptation writer on this one? I actually think they probably do, unless Paul's the editor. Then it's still a maybe. So many questions!!

Fortunately, he hasn't spoken much so far, so we don't have to change a whole lot to give him an accent. For now, he just uses what we normally write in, like everybody else. Except for the one girl, but she's a different story.

And now that we've got our translation and anime quotas taken care of, snack time, and then our beloved Final Fantasy XII. Today I'm thankful for Larsa's endless supply of high potions (oh, how we'll miss thee...), FF12 still having the Chocobo music despite not having Nobuo Uematsu in charge of the music, chapters that don't take as long to translate, Takahiro Sakurai's lovely voice, and heart-shaped sunglasses.
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