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Monday the Thirteenth

I wonder if the reason Friday the Thirteenth is thought to be the most unlucky day has anything to do with Friday also generally being thought of as the best day of the week. Because then, since people think it's supposed to be good, if they have bad luck, that's especially unlucky, whereas if bad things happen on a Monday, it's just the same as usual.

Not to say that we were especially unlucky today; just noticing the date. In fact, we weren't particularly lucky today, either (though we haven't checked the mail yet; maybe we were very lucky!), just noticing the date when we came to update.

I actually feel like I have nothing to write about today, since I wrote about it all yesterday. Today hasn't been very eventful yet. Just the same as always--translating for a while, updating LJ, and off to play Final Fantasy XII. Or watch anime. Dang it, we need to get caught up, and Monday is the day Celeste gets home early. We might not get to play FF12 at all. Oh well.

Today I'm thankful for long-sleeved shirts, putting an invoice in the mail, random thoughts, filaments, and spell-checking.
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