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It's really only ten o'clock?

Today has been very, very long. It started out well enough, if a little earlier than usual. We went to Stake Conference at ten, where Mom had been saving seats since six, because she had had to take Steve to the airport and had nothing better to do afterward. She was working on a really neat project where she crocheted an afghan and is now cross-stitching a design on it. It's a Disney princess design, so we're like, "Dude, why aren't you making any for us?" (She's making it for...some relative of Steve's, I think.) But that's okay; we'll figure it all out on our own and then we'll make, like, Kingdom Hearts or +ANIMA afghans.

There were some really awesome talks at stake conference, but it still felt really long. I blame the air conditioning, which really shouldn't be on in November. I really shouldn't complain so much.

One thing that really impressed me was, since Mom had been saving seats so early, we were right behind the reserved seating for the hearing impaired, and they were signing along with the hymns. It's always been an irritation of mine when people don't sing along with the hymns, so I thought it was really neat that here are these people who can't even hear the songs, and they're singing along anyway. It was pretty awesome.

After conference, we came home and changed clothes, then we went to Mom's place for lunch and Monster House. That went well enough, except that the movie was interrupted three times by phone calls. As for the movie, it was really fun, but I thought the animation could have been better. Maybe I'm just overly critical because they keep hyping the whole motion capture thing.

But then things got bad.

Mom and Sarah had to go to choir practice for their ward, but before we left, Mom wanted to show us something. As it turns out, she finally noticed the bunny ears I had put on Kimee in the photo she took at the baptism yesterday. To explain, Mom called us all over so Kimee could have a picture "with the big girls," and I felt like it was going to be treated as a picture of four sisters (me, Athena, Celeste, and Kimee; Sarah wasn't there because of a color guard competition), so I did the bunny ears thing. It was lame and childish, and I thought Mom would notice and tell me to stop, but she didn't. Celeste tried to get Kimee back to take a serious picture, but for some reason it just didn't happen.

Maybe that was a good thing, though. Because of the direction the argument went in, Mom and Celeste got in a big fight, ending with Mom blowing up and telling Celeste to get out of her house. Celeste said if she left she'd never come back, and Mom said she was fine with that. So Celeste went out to her truck while we stayed behind to see if we could explain to Mom why Celeste was so upset. I think it may actually have worked, at least temporarily.

We ended the discussion when Athena pointed out to Mom that Celeste tends to get destructive when she's very upset. So we went to see if she was still around to check on, and Mom followed us out to tell us to let Celeste know she was sorry. I'm not sure exactly how it got brought up, but Mom said she was afraid Celeste might run to Dad, and I wonder if it was our reaction (saying that Dad may not be the worst option) that convinced her to come apologize to Celeste in person.

Of course we couldn't expect Celeste to say, "That's okay, I love you anyway," after what had happened, so there was another discussion. But this time Mom handled it very, very well, and suggested we all go back inside and watch The Kid, which Celeste tracked down last night and wanted everyone to watch. All in all, I think things turned out very well.

Still, it was very stressful, and we had to hold back a lot of comments. It's frustrating, because it feels like some people can say whatever's on their mind, no matter how hurtful it is to the people listening or hypocritical it may seem, but we have to take it, because they're practically a land mine, and the slightest thing could set off an explosion that destroys all the progress we may or may not have made. It's very tiring.

Not that we're that great at containing everything. There was a time when Mom mentioned that when she was filing for a divorce, her sister kept telling her she'd need to find a new husband fast, for Celeste and Sarah's sake, and I couldn't...or maybe just didn't...stop myself from saying, "So this mess is her fault." Clearly, I still have issues.

And so we came home and played Kingdom Hearts II for a while, and then Celeste finished using the computer, so we came to update LiveJournal.

There was one more interesting thing that happened. The cats can usually tell when someone's outside our apartment, so they'll perk up their ears and get real attentive. This happened tonight, only, most unusually for after nine o'clock, somebody knocked on the door. I opened it, and all I saw was a plastic baggie full of peanut butter cookies. I realize now I shouldn't have paused in suspicious confusion at the knock, or I may have been able to see whoever left the cookies as they ran down the stairs (since we're in a second-floor apartment, they would have had a long way to go, and we were right there close to the door; we even had warning from the cats and everything, oh well).

As we were contemplating whether the cookies had poison or marijuana in them, we asked Celeste if she wanted to taste-test them (we warned her of our suspicions, of course), and she revealed that she had bugged her ex-boyfriend earlier about making her cookies. She also pointed out that he flattens peanut butter cookies with his fingers, so there was a tell-tale sign that it was in fact he who had left them. Or he had a cohort do it.

And, as if this entry wasn't long enough, we just remembered that we wanted to mention the e-mail we got from Clay last night. Today was so long, I almost forgot! But it made us very happy, because we had confirmation from English speakers that Futago Translations wasn't a dumb name, but when I told Clay about it in the e-mail we sent him last week, we suddenly thought, "But what would a Japanese person think...?" And! he said it was perfect for the two of us, and he was really happy we used Japanese as the basis for the name.

The other happy things about it (or the one I wanted to mention) is that the main reason we mentioned our business name to him to begin with was that it was a good lead-in to our potential getting of a website, and I wanted to ask if it was okay for us to post the story he's writing for us on the Internet. I'm not surprised he said yes, since he has his own website where he posts some of his own fan fiction, but it's nice to have confirmation. So now, when we get it, we can let everyone read it! We also need to talk to the guy who we've been told will make our website... I was actually kind of hoping Clay would offer to do it himself, but apparently he's just as busy as we've been (he says he wants go live deep in the mountains for a month or so--just like how sometimes I want to go live in a cave! Of course, with us, it's for different reasons).

And now that I'm done rambling, it's time for us to go watch something happy, and then go to bed. Or maybe do a few Gummi missions. We'll see.

Tonight I'm thankful that my accidentally leaving the oven on overnight didn't cause a fire, that I remembered to turn the oven off tonight, for kitties using my knee as a stepping stone, things ending on a relatively happy note tonight, getting to watch Monster House and The Kid.
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