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It being Daisuke Niwa's birthday today, it would be the perfect day to add the next part of our commemorative multi-part series... but we're not going to. There are various complex reasons for this, but mainly I'm just too out of it. That's what happens when I spend a long time reading.

As it so happens, we actually posted the Saiyuki part of our series on Gojyo's birthday! It didn't occur to me until last night that that might have been the case, but I didn't know for sure until I confirmed with Athena that his birthday really is November 9th. At any rate, happy birthdays, Gojyo, Daisuke, and Dark!

Right now we're waiting in our cold apartment for Mom to call us. She invited us over to watch Monster House after Kimee's baptism, but then she had to go to the mall to buy pants for Steve or something like that, and she said she'd call when she got done. That was two hours ago, so we're thinking either she's taking a reeeeeeeeeeeally long time at the mall, or she convinced herself while she was shopping that we had decided to go over there tomorrow (there was talk to that effect) so she doesn't need to call. The biggest problem is that we're wearing still church clothes, and we really just want to change into something more comfortable. But this weekend is our stake conference, so we have a meeting at seven, which we assumed we'd go to straight from Mom's place. I really should have learned not to assume by now.

I wonder if turning on some anime or Final Fantasy XII would get her to call...

Yes, I think we'll do that.

Maybe I should talk about the baptism some first. I don't know if we even would have gone if Mom didn't want me to play the piano. We still don't want to acknowledge any relation to Steve and his family (mostly Steve), but I figure people get non-relatives to play the piano at their kids' baptisms all the time, so I might as well do it. It was kind of thought-provoking, sitting and listening to the talks and stuff. It was also interesting that Steve's ex-wife listed Mom's name as Cindy Nibley in the program.

After the baptism, the bishop from their ward (we're in the young single adult ward) came and talked to me. He seemed surprised when he asked me how old I was and I pointed out to him that it's not polite to ask a woman her age. I really don't care, actually (and I told him my age before I said his question was impolite); we had just gotten to a part in FF12 last night where that was an issue, so it was on my mind. And I am going to be laughing at that scene from FF12 for the rest of the day. "Nice, Vaan." Bwahahahahahaha!

He said he thought I was young enough to be in the youth program, so I wonder if he thought we were inactive or something, since he wouldn't have seen us around. He was very friendly, so I'm not offended, but it is interesting how quickly people jump to conclusions. Like I'm doing right now, for example *grin*

I should stop rambling, I suppose. Today I'm thankful for baptism, happy coincidences, gloves (maybe someday I'll get some), catching typoes, and Vaan's voice sounding better now that he's not so angry.
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