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Futago Translations is officially in business!!

I was going to scan the announcement in the newspaper, but then I realized we'd have to find the drivers for the scanner, and it's just way too much effort. But we officially have our own business now! (Or business name, at least.) Tadah!!

We started on Nosatsu Junkie 3 today. It's really nice to be translating at a normal pace again. I felt like we were working kind of slowly, but we still managed to get 43 pages done, as opposed to the ten or eleven we'd get on a good day with the crazy crazy thing. It's relaxing, almost. Even being Nosatsu Junkie (which everyone should totally check out when volume 1 is released next month), which has a tension comparable to Host Club. Maybe it helps that it has less characters, and we're on volume three.

We also finally got our rent paid today. It will be nice to not get late notices every other day. We've been having some pretty good days, and those are always kind of a downer. As is checking the TokyoPop website to see what they have that we're not translating. We should stop doing that. Though I guess they didn't give us Wild Adapter because it's published in a yaoi magazine. It's actually a good thing they didn't offer it to us; makes it a lot easier to decide not to translate it. I'm so bad; I started thinking, "Too bad Kazuya Minekura might not know enough English to be able to tell whose translations she likes better." *whap*

Anyway, today I'm thankful for getting checkbooks in the mail, only having to pay one late fee on rent (as opposed to one per notice we received), getting back to a normal translation rate (which includes time to at least not fall further behind on our anime), remembering that we don't want to watch Nickelodeon today, and the opportunity to serve by helping out with a little girl's baptism.

PS: This is the fourth entry in a row I've used this icon.
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