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(almost) Victory!!!

We only have one page left in the crazy crazy thing. One. Page. Tadah!!

I probably shouldn't count my chickens yet, though. What we've finished is the preliminary translation; we're fully convinced that getting all the bugs out of it will take a very long time. We've allowed a whole week for it, and if it doesn't take more than a week to finish Nosatsu Junkie 3, then we'll even have extra time, just in case. And then we can get back to a normal translation schedule, only hopefully with less vacation time, and finally feel like we have time for other things. Like all the anime that's been piling up on our hard drive.

Of course, now that I think about it, we haven't factored Thanksgiving or our potential Disneyland trip into our translation schedule, but we weren't planning on finishing the preliminary translation of the crazy crazy thing until Friday, so it shouldn't be too much of a problem.

And maybe tomorrow I can even add the next part of our commemorative multi-part series! After we get some much-needed cleaning done first, of course.

But now, we have to finish that cover copy and then Final Fantasy XII calls. Today I'm thankful for being just about done with that preliminary translation, working toilets, postal workers (we suspect we need more of them in our area), finally having a copy of the Liahona in Japanese (we actually got it a while ago; I kept forgetting to mention), and making it home safely from FHE the other night (we left early because we didn't feel like learning CPR again; it would have been ironic if there had been an accident and somebody needed CPR).
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