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I made it!

I was a little worried I wouldn't have a chance to update before it was the 8th. We kind of got carried away today, because we finished our page quota early, and they cancelled Teen Titans again (or at least they did yesterday; we really should have checked today), so we got lots and lots of time to play Final Fantasy XII. Today was a very happy day.

We should have voted today. We wanted to vote today. But we're not registered. Last year we didn't want to acknowledge that we live in Fresno, and this year we were so busy it kept slipping our minds. So we're lametards. If things turned out the way we didn't want them to, it's our own stupid fault.

I'm sad too, because I like getting the "I voted!" sticker.

I guess that's it for now, since I'm kind of in a rush and can't remember what I wanted to say about FF12. Tonight I'm thankful for having new batteries in the TV remote, democracy, stickers, having cookies today, and having lots of time to play FF12.
Tags: final fantasy xii, voting

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