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Now I really am more amused than anything else; if it had really been a problem, we would have reminded her.

Last night, Celeste was wondering what the plan was, so we told her that we would break our fast in about an hour, and then we were going to turn on Kingdom Hearts.

An hour later, we break our fast, and Celeste says, "We haven't watched a movie in like forever." This of course means, "Let's watch a movie!" Either she completely forgot that we wanted to play one of our favoritest games of all time, or she very cleverly deflected her own boredom. Although I really can't see why KH would be boring, but that's just me.

And so we ended up watching Advent Children, which is actually something I'd been wanting to do for a while and hadn't gotten around to, so it almost evens out. We've managed to reason out why there can be sequels to Final Fantasy, and we've even managed to reason out why there can be sequels to sequels of Final Fantasy. Plus, we've reasoned out why it's possible that the Holy materia didn't decide to wipe out mankind after all.

The one thing we still can't explain is how on earth the Turks managed to be alive two years later. I mean, Tseng was killed by Sephiroth, and we can't imagine him letting something like that go unfinished, though I guess Cloud was still alive. But that doesn't explain how we walked over Rude's dead body into a rocketship which proceeded to take off, most likely causing an explosion that would be fatal to anyone who may have been too close. Rude, being right outside the ship, would almost certainly have been incinerated (I like that word).

Celeste suggests he was only a little knocked out, and managed to run to safety moments before the ship took off. Still...

Whew, finally got that off my chest.

The rest of our news is pretty much the same--working on the crazy crazy thing and not having much time for FF12. But we did get our contract and book from CMX today! We found out a few more things about this series that makes us even more excited about translating it. We also noticed the contract doesn't seem to have a confidentiality clause, which could make talking about stuff a little easier, but it's possible I just missed it, so we're going to act like there is one anyway.

But we got like eleven pages done (who says you can't be productive in your pajamas?), so after Teen Titans, it's back to Ivalice!

Today I'm thankful for being that much closer to finishing the crazy crazy thing, getting a new book to translate, getting paid double when we do the English adaptation, companies letting us do the English adaptation (actually CMX prefers for the translators to do it), and neat fortune-telling thingies.
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