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Maybe if I stopped talking about it like it was a conspiracy, it would stop acting like one. Part of it is that we're suckers, and part of it is that we like to wait for ideal conditions.

That's right. No Final Fantasy XII today. Poor Twins.

We did have some stuff to take care of. First is that we were stupid and didn't realize we were running out of checks, so now that rent's due we have completely exactly zero checks left. Celeste said she was going grocery shopping, so we figured we'd head to the bank after Danny Phantom and then to the grocery store, but Celeste was feeling pretty sick, and hadn't gotten much better by the time DP was over, so we called Mom instead. Mom was busy driving Steve's kids around, so she called Sarah to get her to do it, but Sarah was busy being social, and then she got lost looking for our apartment and then the bank was closed. It wouldn't have worked out with Sarah anyway, because we thought the bank closed later than it did.

So then we had to go explain to the management why our rent is going to be late this month. Fortunately, the girl in the office was very nice and understanding, and she even asked about the Halloween costumes she found out we were making when we went in the other day.

The other thing we were doing was reading manga. We love our job; it forces us to read manga for research purposes. We wanted to get a substantial amount of that done before we turned on any video games. But before we could even do that, Celeste wanted to get together with people for dinner, and we ended up going to Mom's place. We got lots and lots of pizza out of it, so we can't complain too much; just no Final Fantasy. At least we were smart enough to bring the manga with us--we tend to sit around a lot over there.

Perhaps next week will present more Final Fantasy opportunities, but tomorrow, we play Kingdom Hearts. Or watch a lot of anime. Possibly both. And maybe I'll finally finish that e-mail to Clay.

Today I'm thankful for friendly understanding management staff, getting to eat lots and lots of pizza, having to read manga for work, Jack Frost's hair in The Santa Clause 3, and LiveJournal being operational again.
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