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The conspiracy continues...

I'm actually more amused than annoyed, because there's all sorts of fun stuff going on, but it all seems to be designed to prevent our playing of Final Fantasy XII. I can't complain, really, because most of the worst stuff we had to do needed to be done before we could play the game at all.

Anyway, today Mom called and invited us to see The Santa Clause 3. We've been wanting to see it, even though we haven't seen the second one (we hear it's not very good, but it's lame to see the last part of a trilogy without seeing the second one, though I get the feeling we'll be doing that anyway; ah well), so of course we accepted. But that puts a damper on our plans to spend the evening with the PS2. And so, instead of getting way ahead on the crazy crazy thing, we got a little bit ahead, and decided to play FF12 anyway. At least we are ahead, and we're at the fun part, so getting back to it won't seem so daunting.

We seem to have a very difficult time advancing the plot in FF12. It's all those darn hunts. Balthier's like, "Ugh, let's get this over with." And we're like, "Yeah, yeah. I know this is really urgent, and people I care about could get hurt or killed, but I have to go kill this flowering cactus first." Poor Balthier.

Today I'm thankful for having Nutrageous bars, getting far enough ahead to justify slacking off for video games, having programmed the TV so the channel up/down buttons work instead of going directly to channel 3, tentative plans to go to the movies, and being at the fun part in the crazy crazy thing.

Of course, our plans to see The Santa Clause 3 depend on whether or not Steve's kids want to see it (Steve's out of town, but Mom's babysitting them while their mom works), so for all we know we'll have plenty of time to play tonight anyway.
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