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Whine, whine, whine

It's like a curse or something! And a blessing at the same time, of course. We've got like a million things to do. Only actually a lot less, because we finished the costumes stuff.

Today when we got up, we found we had an e-mail from our boss at Del Rey. This was very, very scary, because when we turned in the script of the book we translated, she said she'd look it over and see if she had any comments. Since I have a hard time imagining they'd need to talk to us about everything we did right, because I imagine they're very busy and if we're doing something right we obviously don't need to be told much about it, I can only think that a comment would mean we messed something up.

And so we got this e-mail, and we're freaking out. We finally get to it, and it was a very nice e-mail asking us if we would write the little summary for the back cover, for which they'll pay us another hundred dollars. Sweet!

Also, we heard from the guy at CMX last night, and he said that now they have the copy of our business name application thing they can get us a contract and a book. As it turns out, our deadline is right after our deadline for the crazy crazy thing, which is about a week after our deadline for Nosatsu Junkie 3. It's actually only the deadline for the pages they'll use for their 2007 sampler, which obviously won't take nearly as long as translating the whole book, but we're over-achievers and figure if we can turn in the translation for the whole thing, we might as well do so.

So we actually have a lot of work, which is all pretty lucrative, and it's a very happy happy thing and I feel like I shouldn't complain at all, because I really have nothing to complain about.

But I wanna play Final Fantasy XII!

Okay, now that's out of my system. It's really not so bad, since we've budgeted our translation schedule so that we don't have to work on Saturdays at all if we don't want to, so we might be able to get a nice chunk of playing time in then. Also, the part we're at in the crazy crazy thing is going a lot faster than previous parts, so things are going very very well. And the fact that we took three hours off to accompany Mom on her errands is more than made up for with lunch from In-and-Out and some candy. Plus, now we have the volume of Fruits Basket we were missing.

And of course, if we didn't insist on watching Teen Titans, that would be another half hour we'd have. Ah well.

Today I'm thankful for having mint chocolate Hershey Kisses, getting to eat lunch at In-and-Out, having plenty of translation work, Balthier, and the fact that Kingdom Hearts II came out at a time when we were far less busy but still had money to buy it.

And! it looks like our new business name did get announced in the paper yesterday, because now we're getting all sorts of new junk mail! Neat!
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