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One thing left to do.

I guess, since it's Halloween, it would be pretty cool to watch all the Chevalier D'Eon and Black Blood Brothers episodes we've got backed up, especially since we're taking the day off anyway. But we have shiny waiting for us, so after I record what's been going on, it's off to finally play Final Fantasy XII.

I must have had a small inkling the craziness that happened would happen, because I have clear memories of composing an LJ entry in my head that started something like, "While destiny may want us to have Zorn and Thorn costumes for Monday night, it would appear that Sarah has other ideas."

We got a phone call from Mom on Sunday asking about Sarah's pirate costume. Fortunately, she didn't need it until this afternoon, so I figured if I worked hard, I'd have enough time to finish all three costumes. It wasn't until the next morning, when I realized I had to not only cut out fabric for the bodice, but lining and interfacing, that I realized I might have to work harder than I expected.

It was also a little tricky because Sarah is rather "talented" in the chest area, so I had to adjust the pattern to make sure (hopefully) it fit. To give myself an idea of where to start taking it in so it fit around her waist, I put on a camisole and stuffed it with the t-shirt I had been wearing and a dish towel to get it to the right measurement. It was an interesting feeling.

The bodice was being very tricky, and even though I actually didn't have to take out too many seams, I still wasn't nearly finished when Teen Titans came on. There was a point before then when I realized that I did in fact need a zipper, so I called Mom to see what could be done. She suggested having Sarah come take us to a fabric store when she got home so we could get the stuff we needed.

I just about cried. We didn't have time to do all the sewing as it was, and she wanted us to take time out to go to a fabric store!? I suggested Sarah pick up the stuff and bring it over, but Mom insisted that Sarah's not a sewer and wouldn't know what to get. Apparently non-sewers can't figure out what separating zippers and elastic are. (Although I'd actually buy the separating-zipper thing, because she could easily get a non-separating zipper, and that would have just been painful for everybody.)

I spent Teen Titans cutting out the material for Zorn and Thorn's hats, but inertia and the color of the thread in the sewing machine had me working on Sarah's costume for about half an hour after that. Then I had two hours to finish Zorn and Thorn before FHE. I just barely managed to take care of most of the raw edges of material, and we figured we'd just safety-pin them closed at the collar, even though technically they're supposed to button all the way down. Oh well.

The costumes actually looked really cute, and I'm pretty pleased with them, but like I said, they've still got some work to be done on them before AX. We were kind of sad that nobody at FHE recognized our costumes, though not really surprised. Even the guy who works as a producer for video games didn't recognize them. Final Fantasy IX is the one FF he hasn't played. He needs to get with it. There was one guy though, who once we told him who we were, he remembered. So it wasn't a total loss. But it was a little disheartening, and I was afraid people at the midnight release might be the same way. Even though I knew everybody there would be a Final Fantasy geek.

After FHE we came home, each had a Hot Pocket, and then I worked for another hour and a half on Sarah's costume before I decided I couldn't go on anymore.

So after updating LJ, we watched TV until our ride to the Final Fantasy XII midnight release showed up. We were a little worried he would be bored or worse, but he's pretty easygoing, and seems to make himself at home anywhere, so it turns out we had nothing to worry about.

We had a blast! Even if we were only there for about twenty minutes. Soon after we got there, a guy came up to us and complimented our costumes and said that he really liked Final Fantasy IX. He then went on to tell us his only complaints about it, which was about when his friend showed up. His friend was like, "Dude, why are you dissing FF9? They're wearing FF9 costumes; they obviously like it."

Then we started talking about Final Fantasy Tactics, and how sad it is that when a character dies, they're gone forever. The first guy told of how he had to sacrifice a character once because he finally beat this battle after a bazillion tries and it was two in the morning. He's like, "It was the battle at that hill with the summoners that keep casting Titan," and we're like, "Oh yeah, Bariaus Hill, that's a hard one." And his friend's like, "The Velius battle is really hard," and we're like, "Oh I know!!!" It was very nice to be with some Final Fantasy geeks. Though I guess I should admit that we wouldn't have remembered the name Bariaus Hill if Celeste hadn't been playing Tactics recently. We definitely would have remembered the battle though.

Then! they had the costume contest. There were six people in costume total. Us, a guy dressed as Spock from Star Trek, a girl and a guy whose costumes I didn't recognize but they were kind of grim-reaper/ghosty, and a guy in normal clothes who claimed to be an extra from Final Fantasy XII. The guy in charge said he would hold his hand over each person, and the audience was supposed to cheer for their favorite. Before he even started, somebody shouted, "Zorn and Thorn win!" And the guy we had been talking to was like, "I agree!" And we felt very special.

We did win, but they only had one prize, so the guy in charge was like, "You have to pick a first place! Blue or pink?" And so pink won, and we're not sure how that happened, but it doesn't matter because we're going to share it anyway. A $25 gift card for GameStop/EB Games. This is most awesome, because now we don't have to do anything responsible like say, "An extra $25? I guess we should use it for groceries or something," because we can't! It only works at video game places!!

And! they had a copy of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance for $15! We didn't buy it, because last night was just for FF12. We're still not sure we'll go with that, just because we like to keep our options open (read: we are extremely indecisive), and what if we want, like, Dirge of Cerberus or something? So we'll see. We'll go back some time when all the lights are on and shop around.

We're just very happy that we actually won a costume contest for once. It really is about knowing your audience. We kind of feel bad for the other people, because we know what it's like to not win the contest.

And then we got Final Fantasy XII, and it is Shiny. The collector's edition comes in a tin! And it's all sparkly and shiny and stuff. We were very sad that we had to spend the morning finishing Sarah's costume. But now it's done, which itself is a little unbelievable. And so I just have to finish this entry, and we can finally, finally play FF12.

Today I'm thankful for shiny FF12, being done with Sarah's costume, being able to go to bed tonight and not have to wake up and get to work on costumes, finally winning a costume contest, and having $25 dollars to spend on video games.

Oh! and kilerkki, we have your copy of Saiyuki Reload 5! E-mail your address to AletheaN[at]gmail[dot]com so we can send it to you! (Though, sadly, I can't guarantee when our next trip to the post office will be. We'll try to make it soon.)
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