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On the off-chance I have time before our ride comes to get us for the Final Fantasy XII midnight release, here's the short version of the update:

I've been working on costumes aaaaaaaaaaallllllllll day. Barely finished Zorn and Thorn, though they will definitely need more work before coming to AX. They're wearable and we will be wearing them to the FF12 thing. And then we'll have a shiny new game, which we won't be able to play, because we have to come home, spend a few hours in a comatose state, and get back to work on, you guessed it, costumes. More on that later.

Tonight I'm thankful for being able to wear our Zorn and Thorn costumes, the fact that no matter how long I'm working on costumes tomorrow I won't have to the day after, the idea of soon having sparkly new Final Fantasy, life-saving popcorn, and a brief respite. Oh! And our boss at TokyoPop sending us almost all the manga we asked for.
Tags: cosplay, costume contests, final fantasy xii

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