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This is how crazy we are.

Mom called this morning and asked if we had any plans. I think this is because she doesn't like running errands by herself, and the BYU football game meant Steve wasn't going anywhere. But this was perfect for us, because we needed to go to the bank to deposit a check and go grocery shopping, so we joined her.

We figured while we were running all over town, we may as well ask if we can stop by GameStop to reserve a copy of the collector's edition of Final Fantasy XII. And it's a very good thing we did. We walked up to the counter and told the girl there that we needed to reserve a copy of FF12, and she looks over at her superior (who also happened to be the awesome girl who sold us Kingdom Hearts II) and confirmed, "We only have the collector's edition left, right?" "That's perfect, because that's what we want!"

It was a little strange that they'd have collector's editions and not normal editions, but this can be for two reasons: 1) We didn't know there was a collector's edition until Square-Enix sent us an e-mail the other day, and 2) People in Fresno seem to be more reluctant to part with their money, even for awesome bonus features. But that's not the point.

Superior girl says, "You know we're having a midnight release, right?"

This is like a dream come true!! It's a Final Fantasy party!! And everyone there will understand what we're talking about when we talk about Final Fantasy!! And we don't have to pay for registration or stay in a hotel!!

And! they're going to have a chocobo pinata!

So we said, "Great! We can wear our Donald and Goofy Kingdom Hearts costumes! Since it's kind of on Halloween and all." (It's actually going to be Monday/Tuesday night.) So then she tells us they're actually going to have a costume contest! But then we're like, "Oh, but Donald and Goofy are only technically Final Fantasy..." But we don't have FF costumes, only KH costumes, so we were justifying it.

But then Athena points out that we're going to Jo-Ann's anyway as part of Mom's errands. Maybe they'll have cheap cloth in the right colors for us to have Zorn and Thorn costumes from FF9. They're jesters, so we can totally use muslin and other inexpensive fabric.

So we were talking about that half the time we were at CostCo, and I was freaking out because THERE'S NO TIME!!! but then we were distracted by cute Disney merchandise and I was able to calm down. We eventually made it to Jo-Ann's, and lo and behold, not only did they have inexpensive fabric in the right colors, but it was all on sale! So if we do manage to win the $25 at the costume contest, the costumes actually won't have cost more than that. (Well, not each. With the zippers and elastic, we spent almost $30.) It's like destiny!

Of course, I'm still torn. We get a lot of compliments on Donald and Goofy. Well, we do when we're at AX, anyway. Here, nobody seems to care. But the people at the midnight release will!! Unless they're the types to think Disney doesn't belong in video games, but I think those types are rarer now that more people have actually played Kingdom Hearts. And! Donald and Goofy have a million zippers, which is often a plus when craftsmanship is considered.

Still, it is like destiny. And the advantage of Zorn and Thorn is that people who have no clue about FF9 can see them and think, "Oh, they're jesters!" Instead of, "What are they supposed to be?" (Speaking of which, all you jester type people, any suggestions on making the hats would be appreciated.) And so, I will be spending tonight, and perhaps some of Monday, making Zorn and Thorn costumes. Hopefully I can finish them before FHE.

Today I'm thankful for eight dollars a page, fabric being on sale, getting our grocery shopping done, finally having Hot Pockets again, and suddenly finding adorable kitties at my feet.
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