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We have a winner!!

Congratulations to kilerkki on winning our icon contest! Thank you for your entry!

It was a lovely blue before, but since Ki uses the original version of this icon herself, and we tend to get confused when people use too-similar icons, we changed the color. We hope you don't mind! We tried making it a kind of gold, since that's Goku's image color, but we have less good color sense than most, so hopefully it's not too hideous.

Anyway, we've come up with a wonderful selection of prizes for kilerkki to choose from!

Of course, there's first the option of choosing a book from our list of translations, which we can then get from TokyoPop and send to you free of charge. It looks like Saiyuki Reload 5 is out, in case you haven't gotten a hold of it yet.

Also, since you're a Saiyuki fan, you're in luck! Because we have a bunch of little extra Saiyuki things we could translate for you. If you're into behind the scenes stuff, we have an extensive interview with Kazuya Minekura that was published in Japan at the same time as Saiyuki Reload 1.

We also have various mini-dramas. You can choose one (or two, since they're short) which we can translate and send to you, along with an mp3, so you can hear all the great voices. If you're a Hakkai fan, these could be an excellent choice, but for all we know chibidrunksanzo has already shared these with you. Here is a list:

Non-Reload Saiyuki:
1: Hakkai & Gojyo contemplate what to do should their journey suddenly end.
2: Hakkai attempts making meaningful conversation with Sanzo.
3: Hakkai & Goku discuss life after death.
4: Sanzo sings karaoke.
5: Goku & Gojyo ask Sanzo for cell phones.
6: They all go to a hot spring.

Saiyuki Reload:
1: Goku's first matsuri festival.
2: Goku is dying?
3: Goku learns a new game! (the translation for this one is actually in our LJ somewhere)
4: Hakkai falls asleep at the wheel.

As it turns out, Kazuya Minekura has recently put the scripts for a few of these up on her website (all non-Reload, because she wrote all of those herself), along with some narration by Hakkai, which we haven't read yet, so we don't know what it's about, but we do know that he talks about meeting a woman (possibly (probably?) Kanan).

We don't think it's right to just translate stuff from her website and post it on our LJ for the world to see (if it's on a CD, that's different; anyone could buy it), but if it's for personal use and to send to a few friends, I think it's okay. Which also reminds me that Minekura-sensei wrote some Christmas stories featuring all the characters she was then writing about last year and the year before. You could choose one of those as well, or, if you just want the sections about Saiyuki, we could do both.

Also, if you're a DN Angel or Lagoon Engine fan, we've got some neat extra stuff for those, too.

And there you have it! Let us know what you choose! (To be honest, if you ask real nice and we're not busy, you could probably eventually get everything, except for the free manga and probably the mp3s.)

After all that, I think I'll be continuing our commemorative multi-part series later.

Today I'm thankful for sparkly new icons, getting contracts, finally knowing which book CMX wants us to work on, chocolate for de-stressing (we freak out easily recently, and too much contact with people in business makes us nervous), and getting to have pizza for dinner tonight.
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