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We're having a difficult time deciding whether or not to keep watching Kanon. We like it a lot, and it has a lot of good voice actors, and the art style is very very pretty, but it's one of those serieses with the scrolling thing at the beginning saying all that stuff about how downloading anime off the internet is prohibited and stuff. It doesn't say please don't do it, it just says please be careful, and that didn't stop us from watching xxxHOLiC for some reason, even though it did stop us from watching Kono Minikuku mo Utsukushii Sekai, which we could Netflix now if we still had Netflix.

But on Sunday we got into a discussion about theater hopping. Steve mentioned how he and Scott saw the first half hour of The Grudge 2, and someone was asking if it was on DVD or what, because obviously none of us are paying close enough attention to which movies are out right now. Athena knew it was out, but she assumed they paid for it and left in the middle when they decided it was too scary. But their secret came out, and so we got into a debate.

The first thing that came into my mind was the 12th Article of Faith (We believe in being subject to kings, presidents, rulers, and magistrates, and in obeying, honoring, and sustaining the law), because earlier that day one of Celeste's ex-boyfriends came into the library and was being exceedingly stupid, so when he asked his friend to "plagiarize" his signature, I was already annoyed with him and pointed out that plagiarism is against the law.

If I had been thinking straight, I may have thought to first inform him that the term he was looking for was "forge," not "plagiarize," but both are against the law, so that's beside the point. He said something to the effect of "it's a stupid law," so I was reminded of the 12th Article of Faith, which basically means that even if the law is stupid, if it's not evil, we need to follow it anyway.

And so when the theater hopping thing came up, I mentioned that, and Athena mentioned the 13th Article of Faith, which of course Steve has memorized because it's the longest, and therefore most impressive, one. Still, the "We believe in being honest" part didn't seem to sink in. We also brought up how the temple recommend interviews ask about being honest in all your dealings, and rendering that which is Caesar's unto Caesar.

And after all that! we come home and watch illegal anime off the internet.

Now there are many arguments as to why downloading anime is less illegal than theater hopping. For example, in Japan, people can just watch these things on TV, for the cost of their cable bill. Also, to legally watch a movie in a theater, you have to pay for every single person, whereas, if you're watching something on TV, you can have one person or twenty people or more watching at the same time, and it does nothing to raise your cable bill (though it might upset your neighbors). There's also the argument that you could have a friend tape the show for you and send it to you, and that's not considered illegal, as far as I know.

Also, we know that some animation studios in Japan seem to almost want people to see their shows before they're licensed in the States. For example, Studio Pierrot had a Bleach costume contest at AX long before Viz started dubbing the anime, and the guys who worked on the Read or Die OVA said it's a really good series, so you should all watch it, by whatever means possible.

So we figure we're probably okay for the shows that don't have the scrolling thing at the beginning, and especially for shows that aren't likely to be licensed at all, or when they do, chances of getting a Japanese version on the DVDs are almost nil (like FushigiBoshi no FutagoHime). But that still leaves us with the problem of Kanon. We may just have to wait until it's on DVD here. Or until we go to Japan.

On a completely different note! Today is the LAST DAY of our icon contest! If anyone still wants to enter, you have approximately until we wake up tomorrow morning (about...let's be realistic here, 10:00am, PDT).

Today I'm thankful for our clothes actually drying (we never did find an eighth quarter), the neat photo editing program that came on our computer, our encounter with Kanon (brief though it may be), being done with the preliminary translation of section three of the crazy crazy thing, and kitties who are willing to sit on wet clothes to hang out with us.
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