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The continuing adventures of Carbunkle

I figure it's about time I finally post chapter three of the Adventures of the Mini-GFs, so here it is!

Carbunkle missed Moomba very much. Nobody else was very good at playing. Carbunkle really wanted Moomba to come back quickly. But he would keep looking for people to play with, because he was not a quitter. Actually, he was. He hated persevering. He decided to just lay down and die. Just kidding!

The next day, he looked for somebody to play with. He saw Bahamut sleeping under a tree. Siren was nearby, so Carbunkle went over to her. “Do you want to play a game?” he asked.

"I have a game,” she said. “Try to wake up Bahamut, Carbunkle-chan.”

“But won’t Bahamut get mad if we wake him up?” asked Carbunkle.

“Don’t worry, I promise Bahamut won’t be mad.”

“Liar! Get bent, skank-lady!” yelled Carbunkle. Just kidding!

“Okay,” said Carbunkle. He bounced over to where Bahamut was sleeping, pulled out a machete and sliced open Bahamut’s arm. Bahamut screamed and screamed and screamed. “He’s awake now!” Carbunkle yelled happily. Just kidding! Carbunkle bounced over to where Bahamut was sleeping and used his Ruby Light to wake Bahamut up. Bahamut was mad.

“You said he wouldn’t be mad!” Carbunkle cried at Siren as Bahamut chased him around the yard. Bahamut caught the small blue GF and drop-kicked him across the yard. Siren laughed evilly. When Carbunkle landed a few miles away, he came across the two brother GFs, Sacred and Minotaur. They were playing a fun game. Sadly, it involved killing small, blue GFs. Just kidding! They were playing rock paper scissors. What Carbunkle didn’t know was Minotaur always cheated. He really should have found somebody else to play with. But, back to the story.

“Can I play with you?” he asked them.
he brothers agreed and taught Carbunkle how to play. It was fun for a while, but soon Carbunkle got bored. “Let’s play a different game,” he said.

“That’s a good idea,” said Minotaur, “I know the perfect game.”Sacred got scared and ran away. He knew what Minotaur’s games were like. Minotaur explained his game to Carbunkle. Because Carbunkle had no idea that Minotaur would cheat, he ended up flying through the air again.

“I really wish Moomba would come back,” he thought just before he landed and was knocked unconscious.
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