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That was the sound of me going postal.

That's it. I'm done. I'm going to get an electrician and someone who knows how to hook up phone type stuff and/or cable for Internet purposes and go live in a cave, only to emerge for Anime Expo and the occasional trip to Disneyland. what I want to say, but really it's far too impractical. Besides, we practically live in a cave as it is.

I like to think that we're reasonable people. But if everyone around us seems so completely insane, it's only logical to theorize that we're the crazy ones, and everyone else is perfectly sane. I just don't know anymore. All I can do is keep trying.

Never assume, they say. That's what I did. I assumed that if we tried reasoning with Celeste, telling her we don't want her out, she would understand. I didn't expect it to be like Full House or anything, but I never dreamed it would go so badly.

She got home at about midnight last night while we were playing KH2, and announced that she was going to make some phone calls to let people know she'd made it back safely, and then go to bed. So I told her we needed to tell her something, and went on to explain what we'd heard, and tell her that we never said that because it's not true. Her reaction was along the lines of, "Okay, whatever." I guess I could have left it at that, but I have a nasty habit of wanting people to believe me, so I said, "You don't believe me." "I know what I heard." Gwah? "What did you hear?" "I don't want to talk about it."

Are you kidding me? Are you freaking kidding me!? basically what I've been saying to that in my head since last night. How are we supposed to fix the problem if we don't know what it is!? How do we even know you heard anything wrong if you don't say anything? I could easily assume that you're just not telling us because you're making the whole thing up.

It was kind of fitting that today they showed the episode where Robin goes crazy and thinks he's seeing Slade. I had to wonder if Celeste was the crazy one or if we were. According to the Book of Mormon, if the majority is righteous, generally it's more correct, but we're not sure on that first condition.

So then Athena speaks up and says she knows we've said some things that would sound like we wanted her out, but that's not what we meant, we're sorry, and we don't want her to leave. I think she handled the situation very well. Celeste said she's planning on moving out anyway, because she needs to feel independent, she can't handle all the compromising that comes with roommates, etc. Athena tells her that we would like for her to stay, but if she really wants to leave, we're not going to stop her, but we don't want her thinking she's leaving because we want her out. And she doesn't want her telling people that.

That may be where we went wrong, because it sounds like we're thinking only about our reputation. If I noticed right, I think Celeste rolled her eyes at that point. Actually, it may be where Athena went wrong; I probably went wrong before that when I said I was hurt that she didn't believe us (to which her fair response was that what we said hurt her, too). But we had said what we wanted to say, and there was no more use arguing about it, so Athena finished her spiel and said, "Now go make your phonecalls."

After that, we played Kingdom Hearts a little longer, and then came to our room, where we vented to each other about what happened. I realized even then that that had the potential of Not Helping, but it's hard not to vent when you're that upset. In fact, I was thinking it may not be a good idea to even type this up, because we're on her friends list, in case she ever signs on to LJ again. But obviously that didn't stop me, either.

Anyway, today I'm thankful for the Jasmine costume fitting Kimee, being almost done with book one of the Del Rey series, people who respect the librarian counter, people who are understanding of the fact that we're still learning about the copy machine, and dinner that's easy to make.
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