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She's standing right behind me, isn't she?

Recently, we have discovered that the invasion of privacy isn't the only reason eavesdropping is bad. We watched enough cartoons that we should have known this already, but we learned last night that the other reason it's bad is that people don't bother to eavesdrop on the whole conversation. Then, as soon as someone says something they don't like, they stop listening, when if they keep listening, they can learn the whole situation, or realize that they misheard the thing they didn't like. Like if Phil had listened to Meg and Hades's entire conversation.

When we were at Mom's place before the football game last night, she revealed to us that Celeste has heard us say, on more than one occasion, that we don't want her living here. That was a shock to us, because we never said that. Not only did we not say it because we operate on the idea that anything that can be overheard will be, but because it's not true.

Granted, we're not dying for her to live here, but we don't want her out. We like having people around. Athena feels really bad because she's said some things that could be construed as not wanting Celeste living here, but sisters and roommates drive each other crazy. It's a law of nature.

And obviously the best way to deal with this situation is to talk to Celeste and let her know the truth, but she left to visit her friends in LA last night. That's actually kind of annoying, because now we have to find someone to drive us to church tomorrow, which is one of my very least favorite things to do, but we didn't want to stop her, because we knew she'd been stressing out and we wanted to give her her space. The ironic thing is that by not discouraging her from going, we could be perpetuating the idea that we don't want her around, an idea we didn't know existed until after she had made the decision between going to Sarah's football game thingie (where we would have been able to see her and talk to her) and visiting her friends in LA.

So all we can do is rant about it on LiveJournal. She should be back on Sunday night, since she has work, among other things. *sigh*

Fortunately, working on the Princess Jasmine costume took my mind off of it for a while. And later we'll finally add the next segment in our commemorative multi-part series, so that will be happy.

Today I'm thankful for there still being seeds for all the unwatched anime we haven't been able to move from our other computer (we tried to just watch it there, but stuff happened; there'll be more on that later if we can't get things to work), only having finishing touches left on the Jasmine costume, our phone bill payment going through, getting all the chocolate covered pretzels to ourselves, and Snickers bars.
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