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It's tough being popular...

We have been very popular today. We got like a million phone calls! Okay, so one of them was for Celeste, and another one was for someone named Jerry, I think it was, but still.

One of the phone calls was from the office asking about our lease, so we decided we'd go with a six-month lease, because it seemed like a decent compromise. Now my greatest fear is that we'll finally send our letter to Disney asking where they get their translators and they'll say something involving us having to move to Burbank. That would suck.

We also got our EIN thingie, so now we can officially work for CMX! This is pretty awesome, because CMX is a branch of DC Comics, which I'm sure I've said a bunch of times before. We're a little worried though, because, although it's very likely our imagination, the guy we've been talking to seemed a little less friendly in his last e-mail, so we're afraid we've caused too much trouble by taking so long to get this done. We can make it up to him by translating really fast. I feel like those kids in the movies that get a chance working somewhere or something like that and they're all like, "You won't regret it, sir!"

Also, I feel like we should plug the Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne manga, despite not having read the English version, because it's an awesome series, and we want CMX to get more credit.

Last night, we did get to go to Toys R Us, and it was really fun. They have a lot of neat Little Mermaid merchandise. We were ooh-ing and aah-ing over a ton of stuff. The only downside is that we seem to have fully convinced Mom that she needs a Nintendo DS, which wouldn't be nearly as annoying if we had a stronger guarantee that we could at least get one for Athena. I so want to play that Brain Age game (Miyano-kun played it, and his brain age was 25! (I have no idea what that means)).

But after we went to Toys R Us and picked up some lavender thread at Hancock Fabrics, we went to the grocery store to get cat food, and not only did Mom agree to buy groceries for us instead of just giving us cash for the Princess Jasmine costume, but we went a few dollars over the amount we'd agreed on and she still gave us an extra ten dollars. And part of the extra spending was because Mom would say things like, "Are you sure you don't need more milk?" and "Tony's pizzas are only $2 each; get five!" And! she got us chocolate covered pretzels. We felt like we had gone to heaven.

And now we've made a commitment to go to one of Sarah's high school football games. She had to go and be a frickin' cheerleader. But it's good to be supportive, and we'll at least get some more pizza out of it. Mom tells us the lighting's good enough that we'll be able to read, so now my biggest concern is the cold. Not that it's really cold here, but I think the heat from the summer has messed with my homeostasis. Plus we could never really handle much cold to begin with.

I also have to mention Shounen Onmyouji, because we watched the first episode yesterday and it was pretty awesome. We had seen CDs and stuff for it many times on the Animate Top Ten lists, so we knew it had to be at least sort of good. It's about Abe no Seimei's grandson, and based on the opening sequence, it looks like there will be a lot of pretty. But there's story to go with it, so it's not all about the eye candy.

Today I'm thankful for Mom being kind enough to buy us groceries last night (one more week and we can expect a check soon!), having an EIN (even if it is just provisional right now), having chocolate covered pretzels (mmmmmmmmm...), opportunities to use our ultra-hyper-awesome printer, and having until Sunday to finish the Princess Jasmine costume.
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