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World's Greatest Limerick Team

I think it was called something like that. When we were about nine, our dad was in an improv thing called The Wild Side Show. They performed every Friday night (maybe Saturdays too) at 10pm, but we got to go watch every so often anyway. And when we'd get back, Mom would be playing Super Mario Brothers 3. Those were the good old days.

One of the games they did was the one I mentioned in the subject line, and they'd have five people come out and improvise a limerick based on the topic given them from the audience. I only remember two of them, but less, because I don't remember either of them all the way through. They've been on my mind for two reasons: 1)the "chocolate is better in color" M&Ms commercial, and 2)There was a week or two recently where I would say the word "ho" a lot and I was wondering if maybe I should stop.

The first one I remember is one that they made up when Aurora went to see the show (Dad was only allowed two guests per show); so we only heard it second hand. And I only remember the third and fourth lines. From what we understand, there was a long pause and a harsh glare between these particular lines. The topic was polyester suits:

I like the orange
To hang on my door hinge

I think that was a beautiful recovery.

As for the next one, Athena and I were lucky enough to shout out our topic first. We were on a huge Greek mythology kick, so the topic was Zeus, king of the gods:

He looked down and said, "Zap! You're dead."
I looked up and said, "Zap! You're red."
Well, what do you know?
He's just a ho.

...and I really wish I could remember the last line. If we remember correctly, the guy who came up with the fourth line was also using the word "ho" a lot, like he had just discovered it and thought it was really funny or something. He also used it in the Mount Olympus limerick, I think, but I can't remember that one at all. As far as we knew, a hoe was a gardening tool, and that was it, so we also thought it was really funny.
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