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Bad timing

We didn't get to watch Kibou no Zaika last night. We found out they were showing a couple of episodes of Justice League on Cartoon Network last night, and with all the other stuff we needed to take care of, it just worked better to watch Kibou no Zaika afterward. Or it would have, if Celeste hadn't made it home from spending time with her boyfriend ten minutes before Justice League was over and asked to go online. That was fine, we would just entertain ourselves until she was done. But then we couldn't decide what to entertain ourselves with. Eventually we decided on GetBackers, and moments into the opening sequence, Celeste finished using the computer. Bad, bad timing. But that's okay, too, because we got to listen to Saigo no Kiss.

We still haven't watched The Little Mermaid, either. We were going to watch it Friday night, like we said, but we didn't know when Celeste's boyfriend would call, and we didn't want to be interrupted. Since it would have been Celeste's interruption, normally it wouldn't be an issue, but the whole reason we waited to watch it was so she could watch with us, and that would be counterproductive. So we decided to just plan to watch it on Sunday.

But now she's out with her boyfriend again. Not an unexpected development. We prefer to watch movies in the evening anyway, but she told us her plans for the day, and it seems like she's going to be out all night. Obviously that would have been a good opportunity to interject and remind her of our plans to watch The Little Mermaid, but I wasn't sure how much I wanted to. It's not like it would have been awkward or anything, either. Maybe I just don't want to watch it on her terms.

We did try to take a subtle approach by singing Under the Sea, because sometimes people just sing while they're doing stuff. She did catch on to the singing (even started singing it herself), but didn't make the connection. So we've convinced ourselves that she's not interested enough, and we can just watch it without her, and put it on the shelf, and maybe someday she'll notice it and realize she wants to watch it. By the time she does, we'll probably have our brains so full of translation stuff that it definitely will not be too soon to watch it again.

Not that I'm complaining; it's just what's going on. Besides, Celeste being out with her boyfriend all day makes it a lot easier to spend the afternoon playing Kingdom Hearts. Except that we were also planning on writing letters to blackhope's missionary friend. He's actually going to be coming back to the States at the end of the month, so we're probably going to send the letters to his house instead of his mission, and then hopefully we can talk on line, because writing letters is hard. Of course, part of our not making an effort to get him letters he can read on the plane home is that in his last letter to Athena, he said, "So if you want to give me something to read on the plane, you have five days to do it." And for some reason that bothered us.

He actually sent us another letter that we got yesterday, because apparently Jonathan (blackhope) was in the Japanese edition of the Liahona this month, which is annoying for two reasons. First, we have a subscription to that magazine, and haven't gotten any copies yet, and second, recently Celeste got a letter from Jon and we didn't. We thought maybe they got separated in the mail, but it's been at least a week now and still nothing. That punk.

Wow, I'm ending up doing a lot of complaining type stuff today. Let's see... Today at church, we got to play with the xylophone that's in the library. That was pretty awesome. And we got mini Mr. Goodbars for bringing our Relief Society manuals.

I also continued my mini-quest to figure out if the guy who played the violin for Len in Corda played it for anything else we've seen. I just think that if they're going to list him, it would be neat to be able to see what else he's done. That's why I read the credits, after all. No luck, though. I was kind of hoping he was the guy who played the violin in DN Angel, because they had the one episode where the guy was possessed by a demon violin, and the director told the violinist to play like he was possessed by a demon, and he improvised the whole thing. And that's just cool.

All this music stuff makes me want to pull out my violin. We also thought it would be awesome if Athena learned the cello and then we could learn to play Riku's theme from Kingdom Hearts on piano and cello together and it would be awesome.

Well, I think that's enough rambling for now. Today I'm thankful for getting mini Mr. Goodbars, getting to play with the xylophone, getting to play a little with the chimes, people showing up at just the right time to help us with the copy machine and give us Skittles, and Saigo no Kiss.
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