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Late-night fangirling

It's after midnight and we decided to update LJ because we're bored. Also, we're on a classical music kick because we watched Fantasia last week and La Corda d'Oro today (I like the Italian (that is Italian, right?) title because it's Italian-sounding), not to mention we're still determined to carry out our plan to become supergeniuses by listening to lots and lots of classical music. It doesn't help to read The Violinist of Hameln manga and keep seeing the little notes that say, "the BGM is this thing by this guy," and wish you could play it in your head at least, but you don't know what the heck it sounds like.

So right now we're listening to the Shunichi Miyamoto "Saigo no Kiss" single. It's not quite classical music, but it does have pretty piano stuff, which I find to be very sexy. One of the many endearing qualities of Tamaki-sama♥. We put it in because it has a Flash video of him performing "Soba ni Irareru Nara: Starlight Version," and we were wondering if the guy who played the violin in it was the same guy they got to play the violin for the guy in Corda. By the way, it's the coolest thing ever that they list who records the instrumental performances for each character in the credits next to the voice actor. But it is not awesome that we can't find the credits for that "Soba ni Irareru Nara" video. We figure it was probably a different guy, though, since they probably got the same guy to play the violin for the other songs on the single.

For the curious, Shunichi Miyamoto is the kid who sings the opening theme to the DN Angel anime. He was sixteen at the time, and it launched his career as a singer. We stopped following him when we stopped having money, so we don't know how famous he is, but he is amazing. He'd be twenty now, which means he can drink. That's a little sad. Anyway, DN Angel also gave him his start as a songwriter, with the insert song "Caged Bird." Very very pretty.

Come to think of it, I'm sure I've mentioned this before, since Miyamoto-kun was the other half of Boys' Angel, which is the online radio program used to promote DN Angel and all related music CDs. He's the one that gave us a message in English, even if it was only because Miyu Irino was trying to put us on the spot. Either way, they gave us a message, and that makes us feel special, because Sora loves us.

Now I want to buy Miyamoto-kun's other album. For all we know, he's got even more CDs out that we don't know about. Maybe someday...
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