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We're ba-ack!

Our first post from our new computer! Tadah!

I thought about posting last night, but I didn't for some reason. Maybe part of it is that setting up the new computer ended up being a lot crazier than we thought it would be. We got everything hooked up and in place, and we turned it on... and nothing happened. Okay, so the monitor turned on and gave us a message that said, "This monitor is working. Check your computer connection," or something like that.

We tried turning the computer on and off a few times, and unhooking and rehooking everything, and that didn't work, so we were at a total loss what to do, so I sucked it up and called tech support. I knew they would be friendly, and they were; I just hate making phone calls. Anyway, we ended up having to open up the tower and check all the connections inside. We still don't know what the problem was, but apparently it's fixed now, so we're pretty happy.

I'm actually a little glad it wasn't so easy, because getting a new computer is almost too good to be true, and we might worry that something very bad is in store if things went too smoothly.

When we got the computer on and started setting it up, it asked us to name our computer. This was actually a bit unnerving, because we have always been reluctant to name our computers. Every time we hear about other people naming their computers, those computers start taking on the unfavorable attributes of their namesakes. But it asked for a name, and we didn't want to name it something dumb. The name Reneighd Klein came into my head, and then I couldn't think of anything else. Reneighd Klein is a mecha, so I figure it's safer as a computer name, but I'm not sure what it says about our other computer. An explanation of that would be spoileriffic, but points to anyone who understands the reference!

We're still trying to get everything the way we want it, the biggest issue being that we're not sure how to network our computers so that we can get all our anime onto this computer.

We tried hooking it all up through the router we inherited when we moved, but then the modem didn't like giving us the internet. I don't think we need the internet to have our computers networked, but things were just being weird. Maybe we should just not deal with the router and use one cable to connect the two computers? Or maybe we should just not use the modem. I don't know, and we're not feeling very experimental right now.

We missed having the foresight to e-mail ourselves the translations we're working on, so we took care of that last night, so at least now we can still be productive. We still haven't installed our printer, either.

But on a completely different note, I have a little story! They recently introduced Jimmy Olsen in Smallville. They had been showing commercials for this for some time, and every time we saw one, we thought that we had no problems with Iceman from the X-Men movies being on Smallville, but he can't play Jimmy because he's already tried to kill Clark twice on the very same series.

So we keep watching Smallville, and Jimmy shows up, and he still looks like the guy who tried to kill Clark, only a little different somehow. Like he might be the same guy, but he had a different vibe. So we finally looked him up last night, and as it turns out, Jimmy is played by Iceman's twin brother!

In other words, Jimmy didn't try to kill Clark. His evil twin did. Bwahahahahahaha!

We've been so busy with translating (the crazy crazy thing has become an obsession) that I haven't felt like I've had time to continue our commemorative multi-part series, but we wanted to mention the contest again, and let people know it's still open! We're waiting for your entries *wink*

Today I'm thankful for friendly tech support, getting our computer online, being able listen to music with our computer again, being able to directly input Japanese again!, and pretty Little Mermaid lithographs.

EDIT: PS: Does anyone on our friends list happen to know how to apply for a DBA, and are they willing to help us?
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