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I'm updating early today!

Why? Because we're freaking out!!

So last night we decided we were close enough to being in a good, stable (or at least for a longer temporary period than we've had in a while) financial state that we could go ahead and order a computer. We ended up getting one from Best Buy, because Dell changed their offers and stuff, but that just means we get to go pick it up today instead of waiting for it to be shipped here. This is a very Happy Thing, and we're pretty excited.

Still, with all the craziness from hearing from Del Rey and having to get the test translation done and filling out paper work and figuring out payment arrangements, added to working on the crazy crazy thing, we're a little stressed. It's good stress, but stress nonetheless. And it has us thinking about money. But we just keep plodding along with work, and eventually the source of the stress will either go away or no longer be stressful. Start with the laundry at your feet, and all that.

But then! Then! Our new manager introduced himself today. That in itself is not an issue. Just kind of like a, "Hey, I'm the new manager!" "Really? Awesome, nice to meet you." But actually it was more like a, "Hey, I'm the new manager, and here's your notice that you need to renew your lease. Hope you stay here!" And then he leaves, and I'm like, "But we're on a month-to-month lease; that's odd. Maybe it's just because we're on a month-to-month lease. But we haven't gotten a lease renewal notice in all the months we've been on a month-to-month lease..."

So I read the thing and, as I'm sure many of you could guess, the reason we need to renew our lease is that rent is going up. If we weren't constantly struggling for money, this probably wouldn't be too much of an issue. But as it is, it seems like this might be a sign. A "Move Out" sign. Of course, it might not be a sign, since we're getting this contract with Del Rey, and the guy at CMX says he has something for us, so it looks like things probably will be getting better financially. And we really hope it's not a sign, because we hate drifting, and I seriously doubt we can afford to move to Japan at this point.

If we sign up for a 12-month lease, our rent only goes up $10. But then we're stuck here for another year, and I'm not sure I want that. Of course, it could be pointed out that we haven't made any effort toward moving in the almost two years we've been here, but I like to have it as an option, because we really aren't big fans of Fresno, or its crazy hot summers. And we don't want to just move somewhere else in Fresno; that would defeat the purpose of moving. I do kind of like the idea of moving to Provo, where things are within walking distance and they have proper seasons, but then we go back to the complete and utter disdain for the process of moving argument.

If Celeste stays here, we'd probably be okay. But Celeste told us the other day that she's been looking for her own apartment. Financially, it's a bad idea for all of us, but if she wants to move out, we're not really keen on stopping her.

Fortunately, our lease doesn't expire until the end of November, so we have some time to figure things out. It would sure be nice if we didn't have to, though. Such is life.

Today I'm thankful for getting a new computer, our current computer's hard work these many years, having a ride to Best Buy, having happy anime to watch later, and being able to vent.
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