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I feel like we've been working non-stop today, which is only partially true. We totally stopped two hours ago to watch the Danny Phantom marathon leading up to the premiere of Urban Jungle, and before that we stopped for a Pringles break. But we realized that with Final Fantasy XII coming out at the end of the month, we want to get as much of the crazy crazy thing out of the way as possible.

On top of that, I still have costumes to work on. I would have worked on them during Danny Phantom, but I realized I was missing some important measurements and Mom won't be able to get them until tomorrow. I guess I could have worked on Sarah's costume, but I really just didn't want to. I'm such a slacker.

We also got the first volume in the series from Del Rey, which means we'll be working on that tomorrow. I feel like we suddenly have a million things to do.

In other news, Dad called this morning. He said he was thinking about us and how we haven't actually seen each other in so long, so I took the opportunity to suggest we go visit him for Christmas. He said he'd talk to his fiancee and see what they could arrange.

I do think it would be good to see Dad again, but I have to admit my motives were less than pure. We had been keeping our eyes out for an opportunity like this, because we don't want to be in that family picture Steve made an appointment to get taken in December. It seems really selfish now that I think of it, but we're still not ready to be in something claiming to be a family portrait with those people. My ideal situation would be that we end up spending Christmas with Dad, but at Disneyland (or Disney World, but none of us are rich here). Either way, someone's going to need a plane ticket.

We're also not sure how Mom would react to our wanting to spend Christmas with Dad. It really doesn't matter, except that we like to be fair, and so that might mean going to Seattle for Thanksgiving. But with Thanksgiving, it's not like we'd be going to see Mom's family. But then with Christmas, we wouldn't be seeing Dad's family. But we would be seeing Dad, whom we don't get to see nearly as often as Mom. Of course, we may not have to argue the point at all, so I should really just wait and see what happens.

Tonight I'm thankful for new Danny Phantom being on tonight, cream puffs, getting to take all the extra cream puffs home from the murder mystery thingie, getting stuff from UPS sooner than we expect, and having a few pages from the crazy crazy thing pre-translated.
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