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Costume party!

Today has been a rather unusual day, which is even more unusual in that it doesn't feel like an unusual day. The Elder's Quorum decided to have a service project in which they washed all the sisters' cars (though if you ask me it's not much of a service project unless they're calling people in off the streets, but they only had an hour and they were vacuuming, too), which Celeste took advantage of. While there, she discovered that our anime buddy's brother is having one of those murder mystery parties and we all got invited. And! it's a costume party.

So when Celeste got home, we pulled out all our old costume stuff (the new costume stuff isn't being shared; she wouldn't really want any of it anyway except maybe stuff from Risa or Riku's outfits, but there's no way she's getting those) so she could choose some stuff with which to put a costume together. We still don't know what she's going to wear, though, because after we showed her all our accessible costume stuff, she crashed on her bed. Athena and I will be wearing our yukatas that we bought for AX05 and never wore.

This morning we finally remembered and were able to catch Legion of Super-Heroes. We didn't get to see much of the characters because it was the episode where Alexis is introduced, so I'm still not sure how I like it. But it looks like they got all the writers from Teen Titans, so there's definitely some promise. Still, we wish they could work on Teen Titans instead. It's interesting that Brainiac 5 is played by the kid who played Brad in Gilmore Girls. In Justice League, he was played by the guy who plays Logan. So far, I like the Justice League version better.

Today I'm thankful for the chocolate cookie variety of Take 5 bars, a chance to wear our yukatas even though it's autumn and technically they're for summer, the current opening theme for Eyeshield21, finishing today's page quota for the crazy crazy thing, and shoelaces.

Also, our contest is still open for anybody who's interested!
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