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Yup. We're waiting. Always with the waiting. We're still waiting for our copy of The Little Mermaid, but we were finally able to track it today, and it looks like we might get it tomorrow, but it's possible that we won't. That would be a little sad, because I don't think the mail will be coming on Monday. Does the mail come on Columbus Day?

We're also still waiting to get our first issue of the Liahona. It's been about a month since we put in our subscription, so we think we should have one by now, but maybe it took a while to process.

And we're also still waiting before adding the next part of our multi-part commemorative series. That's mostly just because we want to see if we get any more entries for our icon contest. It'll be an irregular thing, like the Daily Show's ten year anniversary segments.

But we're also waiting to get a couple of books in the mail so we can work on a new series! Tadah!! We also have to figure out all the paperwork so we can send it in. Why? Because this series is one we'll be translating not for TokyoPop, but for Del Rey. Dah, da-dah DAAAAHH!

On the one hand, I still feel a little like maybe we're being unfaithful, since we just got a bunch of work from TokyoPop, and we just turned in our 100th translation. But on the other hand, working freelance, it's very bad to only have one client.

For now, we have a contract for just the one book, so they can make sure we measure up. If they like us, they'll give us more. And if they really like us (or rather, if they like our script), they'll pay us more for doing the English adaptation. That would be a dream come true. It would also be very nerve-wracking, since we don't always have much confidence in our dialogue-writing skills. If the series was Death Scythe, I may be a little more confident. We'll see how things go.

On the bright-ish side, we have plenty of things to do while we wait. Like make costumes. Our apartment complex is having a Halloween party (only it's called a Harvest Fest Potluck; this goes along with Celeste not being allowed to call it Halloween at work because some of the kids' parents might think it's offensive), complete with costume contest! Not that a costume contest will mean much to us unless we make some more recognizable costumes. Athena came up with the idea of doing technicolor Dorothy and monochrome Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, and everyone we tell about it thinks it's one of the coolest ideas ever. But on the other hand, for some reason we have a mild aversion to The Wizard of Oz. Although it would probably win us some costume contests, and the costumes would be easy to make. The tricky part would be the monochrome makeup.

And of course before I can even think about making Dorothy costumes, I have to finish Sarah and Kimee's costumes. All I've done so far is cut out Sarah's pants. And here I sit updating LiveJournal instead.

Today I'm thankful for getting a new contract, our CD player still working after having a chair fall on it, style guides, not having to spend too much time cooking tonight, and people entering our icon contest.
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