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We were very sad today to see a review of Bus Gamer. The rewriter on it apparently went crazy with swearing and stuff. I haven't actually seen the English version, so I can't say whether it was as bad as the reviewer said, but I really wonder where these people get the idea that adding the f-word everywhere makes something better. Come to think of it, we did get an e-mail from this rewriter, and we think it was around the time we were working on Bus Gamer, or soon after we'd turned it in, but the e-mail was actually addressed to our boss and about something completely non Bus Gamer related. We did think it was odd that we got an e-mail at our BYU account from someone we had never had any contact from in the past. Very strange.

I do wish the reviewer would get their facts straight, though. According to his theory, the reason TokyoPop doesn't advertise Bus Gamer like crazy (it being by the creator of one of their most popular titles) is that the series is incomplete (which is true), with no revival in sight (which is completely untrue). In fact, I've mentioned several times before that the series was started up again. We checked the AoD forums and found out that the guy at TokyoPop who seems to have proclaimed himself online spokesman has pointed out that the series is running again, but he doesn't know if they restarted it or if it's a continuation. I wish people would ask us.

We came very close to posting ourselves, but when we finally got registered (again... eheh...), we realized we didn't know what exactly we wanted to say. We'll be trying again when we're done posting here.

In other news, one day I was checking the Posse's Yahoo! account and we had gotten a new guest book entry. It was, not surprisingly, an ad for something stupid (can't remember anymore), but we saw that there was another entry from about three years ago that we somehow missed. It was from the same person who had posted asking what the deal with the website was (why it's all about Japanese animation but has a Western theme (using the term "posse" and stuff)). We thought about e-mailing this person, or answering them or something, but we had no idea what to do. So we put it on the backburner and completely forgot about it until now. Just thought I'd mention it in case some former Posse members were interested.

I'm feeling kind of glum today for some reason (I think Bus Gamer has a lot to do with it). We shall need to do something happy, like work on fanmail. In the meantime, Mimsy seems to be trying to cheer us up by keeping us company. Or she just wants to sit on Athena's lap. Either way, it's very cute.

Today I'm thankful for editors who choose not to put rewriters on our translations (see: Lagoon Engine), cute kitties sitting on Athena's lap, Gilmore Girls being on tonight, cookie recipes, and people reading our LJ entries.
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