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Until we meet again...

After we got done looking up Fruits Basket voices last night, I looked up Teen Titans to see if we could find the Japanese dub cast. Not entirely surprisingly, we didn't recognize most of the voice actors (they're in a lot of Japanese dubs of stuff). We did recognize the Japanese voice of Beast Boy (Kouki Miyata), but we kind of get the feelings everybody who'd recognize what other characters he plays hasn't seen much of Teen Titans (though he does play Hanataro in Bleach). Then we found out the guy who dubs Johnny Rancid is in the Justice League dub (Martian Manhunter), so we got hooked looking up characters. Susumu Chiba (Chiaki in Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne) is the Flash♥, and we remembered that the guy who plays Batman is also the Japanese dub voice of Tigger. There is no Japanese Wikipedia site for Batman Beyond (or Batman: The Future, as it's called), but we did manage to find out that the guy who plays Terry McGinnis is someone called Jibachi in Naruto.

Now that I've bored everybody with weird voice actor stuff, Host Club! We'd been avoiding Mamoru Miyano's blog until we saw the last episode, because we didn't want any spoilers, and because shortly before they aired it, he posted an entry where he was sad about it being the last episode. As it turns out, we didn't have to avoid his blog, because when we finally went back, the only new entry was about Death Note, and it had a neat picture of him and Kappei Yamaguchi posing, we assume, like their characters. He said he was holding an invisible apple.

But when we went there today, he was more sad about Host Club ending. And he posted a picture (given to him by the guy who played Mori) of him sulking in the corner, Tamaki-style. Very cute♥

The ending of the show was very good, of course. But of course I'm very sad that it's over. Maybe they'll do another series, like with Saiyuki or Ai Yori Aoshi. As far as I know, this animation company hasn't done that before, but there's a first time for everything, right? I stand by my statement that the director is a genius. It's amazing how serious and yet wacky this episode is. I wonder what was going on with the binoculars though.

Today I'm thankful for the rainy weather, finding my fuzzy slipper socks, pictures of Miyano-kun in character, getting to change the picture on our calendar, and getting to see the end of Host Club *sniffle*
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