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I worry that Oreo is hanging out with the wrong crowd...

Recently Oreo has discovered the wonders of our balcony. I think he really likes watching the sunset. And with summer getting ever closer, and Fresno being reputed for having intolerably hot summers, it's no problem leaving the balcony door open to get some ventilation. We get a nice breeze, the cats get to spend time on the balcony (they never did in the winter; too cold), everybody wins.

That is until our neighbor and his friends come out and start smoking. I'm sure our neighbor is not a bad person (he also happens to be very good-looking), but cigarette smoke makes me sick. And if he's out on his balcony smoking, and our balcony door is open, all the smoke manages to find it's way even to the farthest corners of our apartment. It's not much of a problem--we just close the door and let the ceiling fans blow the smoke out the other windows.

Usually the cats would be inside when the cigarette smoke started coming in, and I kind of assumed it was because they're afraid of strangers (as I've said in the past, every time someone comes over, Oreo goes into hiding), or because they didn't like cigarette smoke either. But apparently it was just good timing.

Tonight we started to smell smoke, so I went to close the door, and both cats were on the balcony. Mimsy came inside as soon as she saw me, but Oreo was stubborn. It was kind of frustrating too, because he was right next to the entrance--it would not have taken much effort for him to come inside. But he refused. The punk.
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