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So today was the first day of General Conference. It really is interesting how there always ends up being a general theme running through all the talks. I know for Sacrament Meetings they do that on purpose a lot, but I hear with General Conference that's not the case. This conference the theme seems to be making it through trials. I've always liked that theme for some reason, but I don't know what that reason is, because except for 2004, I never felt like I was going through really hard trials. And the end of last year/beginning of this year, with the not having the rent. Now I'm worried I've jinxed myself.

On a different note, while our computer was supposedly defragging last night (it claimed to only take about two hours, so I ran an analysis which told me we should defrag, even though that's what we'd supposedly just done), we watched the directors' commentary on Beauty and the Beast. It was really awesome to learn a bunch of behind the scenes stuff I didn't know before. And it reminds you just how much work goes into these movies. And it was really funny, like how Gaston and LeFou were at the tavern, and they're like, "They're drinking root beer! Very flammable root beer..." And they pointed out things I never noticed before, like what an awesome job the animator on Mrs. Potts did, basically animating a bouncing head. Athena points out that the reason we never noticed before is that it's that good.

Anyway, if anyone has the special edition DVD of Beauty and the Beast and hasn't watched the directors' commentary, I highly recommend it. Now we have to go watch the commentaries on all our other DVDs that have commentaries. And we could be getting The Little Mermaid any day now! So many commentaries to watch...

I wanted to get this review in before we started playing again, because we're getting really close to the part where I know I have a lot to say.

So last Sunday, we headed back to Hollow Bastion to stop the MCP! I think it's awesome that Cid and Merlin fight so much, because they probably would, but I don't think Merlin would be offended by being called old. He calls himself old all the time in the movie, after all. Athena points out that it's probably because Cid said it, and specifically as an insult, and since I'm more likely to get mad when Steve says something than when anyone else does, then that's a reasonable explanation.

I have to say again that I love how well the Tron story works in Kingdom Hearts II. In the movie, the MCP wasn't really a big deal outside of the computer network it was in, but unleashing Heartless on the town really helped enhance his villainousness.

When Athena was playing last week, she was also trying to level up the drive forms, so she transformed a lot, and ended up in the antiform a lot. This happened once when Celeste was watching, and she's like, "I didn't know Anti-Sora could breakdance." And I'm like, "He can breakdance. Because Anti-Sora..." and then I couldn't think of a clever ending to that sentence, and I was sad until Celeste interjected, "is black?"

We got to the MCP, and that's where I was a little confused. Sark says to Tron at one point, and I can never remember which point that is exactly, that Tron and him would have made a great team. I was a little lost, because nobody had ever mentioned trying to get Tron to join Sark and the MCP. But that kind of things happens in Kingdom Hearts, so I figured it was just something that made a lot more sense in the movie. So we borrowed the movie from our anime buddy, and the exact same thing happens! No mention anywhere of trying to get Tron to team up with Sark, and Sark says, "We would have made a great team," or whatever it was he said. It makes me wonder if Tron was based on a book. If I had known, I would have paid more attention to the opening credits.

I really like how they designed the battle with the MCP. I'm not sure why exactly. But it's definitely really awesome when Sora and Tron are deleting him and you just watch his HP drain.

Another thing I found interesting was that in Kingdom Hearts, they always call it the I/O Tower, every time. But in the movie, they never abbreviated it, and it was always the "Input/Output" Tower. I guess that shows how old the movie is?

The best was when Tron hugged Sora. It was just way too cute. I'm glad Jiminy got a picture.

And then Tron is supposed to show everybody what Hollow Bastion looked like back when it was called Radiant Garden. I'm not sure how that worked really, because it looked exactly like the mid-restoration town, only with sparkles. Ah well.

After that, the only mini-games we had left were in Twilight Town (except for the ones that hadn't opened yet, and Phil's training, which is just not going to happen without Negative Combo), so we went to see if they'd let us do any of them before going on with the plot. They didn't, so we went on with the story. And it's still weird to hear Sean Marquette as Pence.

This is the part where Mickey is really cute when he's trying not to tell you about Riku. It's great that he's so good about keeping his promises, but dang it! I wanna hear about Riku! Except that this is the second time through, so I'm simultaneously amused at Sora's persistence and a little sad about what happened to Riku.

And then we stopped before giving Pence the password to Ansem's computer in Twilight Town, because it was late and not a good time to go to the alternate Twilight Town.

Today I'm thankful for the cloudy weather, getting to listen to General Conference, having Pringles, finding out once and for all that the Beast really doesn't have a name (which is actually very sad, but at least we know for sure), and kitties on my bed.
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