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Last night our computer was making some noises, so we decided to reboot. So the computer shut down, but when it went to start up again, it told us that it couldn't find the operating system. We decided that it was official, and we would be ordering a new computer as soon as we got to a working one.

Then we got really bored after Smallville, so we tried turning the computer on again. It kept telling us that it couldn't find the operating system, but then I finally thought to hit control+alt+delete, and it restarted and now our computer is working again! Yay!

And the moment it told us Windows was starting up, we thought maybe we can wait a little longer to order a new computer. So we spent most of today watching all our anime so we could delete it to have room to defrag. And that's what we're going to do as soon as I'm done with this entry.

Today I'm thankful for our computer operating, having yummy snacks, getting all caught up on our anime (at least of the serieses we're willing to delete), having just enough time to finish this entry and get started defragmenting before Teen Titans, and our monitor holding out while we watch lots of anime (though it seems it will be very happy to get a nice long break).
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