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More monitor stuff

It would seem that the cause of our monitor's unhappiness is no longer the heat. It's possible that it never was the heat, but since we never had any problems in the winter, and getting a little fan and turning on the air conditioning did help, we kind of assumed it was. But today we got back from a water break, during which time we had the monitor off, and I think it was only on for about ten minutes (Athena thinks less) when it blacked out. We haven't noticed it being very hot today, so we felt the monitor and it didn't feel as warm as it has when it's blacked out in the past.

We've been waiting until we got definite word on this new series, and that should come soon, but we're wondering if we might want to just go ahead and buy a new computer anyway. If Celeste's new job works out, she'll start helping out with rent, and her share alone would be almost enough to cover a new computer. So we could just say the money we would have spent on rent now goes to a new computer. But we have to wait until Celeste gets home and find out for sure if her new job is working out. We think the fact that she's not home right now means it did (basically there were some questions as to whether or not they'd let her keep the job, because of college credit weirdness), but it's best not to assume.

Work on finishing the Fruits Basket 17 rough draft is going a lot slower than expected, partially because we keep getting stuck on how to phrase things in English and partially because we're not sure how to deal with the monitor. Athena's wondering if giving it a break would do any good, since apparently overheating isn't the problem. But giving it a break is the only thing we can think of to prevent it from blacking out permanently.

So in the meantime, we're reading comic books. Maybe we'll go watch a commentary on one of the various Disney special edition DVDs we have. That sounds like a good idea. But not right now, because Teen Titans is going to be on in half an hour.

Today I'm thankful for getting manga in the mail today, DVD commentaries, snacktime, remembering how much I like pancake, and Teen Titans being back on Miguzi.
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