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Today feels kind of like a prologue. Or I guess more like when a manga series goes on hiatus for a while and then before it comes back there's like a preview thingie. We got sort of caught up on our anime and then we checked our e-mail, and were very happy to find not one, but four work orders from our boss at TokyoPop! Tadah! Actually I guess that's more of a "yay!" but for some reason "tadah!" seemed to flow better.

So now that we're most of the way through translating Fruits Basket 17, we've got a work order for it, which means it's time to reformat it. We decided it would be better to finish translating with the first format first, though, because it's hard to go through and do something again when you never finished it the first time. Also, when we're reformatting something we've already translated and then get to the part we haven't translated and have to do everything from scratch, it's kind of sad. This way will also take more time, so we won't be quite so far ahead of schedule. Only a little bit of an annoyance, because +ANIMA isn't until the third work order (grief...)

That reminds me, I need to e-mail Clay. Wow, we have a lot to do now.

But I kind of decided without saying anything that we might as well let our vacation last until the day was out and get back to work tomorrow, and now that I'm typing it, Athena agrees. Especially because our monitor won't last long once I've finished this entry. So we watched Celeste play Tactics some more (she's at the battle with Wiegraf/Velius at Riovanes Castle; Athena says it's her very favorite battle, or it must be, considering how many times she's fought it. It seems to be Celeste's favorite battle, too), but then she got tired of it and played Kingdom of Loathing while we tried to figure out what to do with ourselves.

Watching the TV Guide Channel, I was reminded of Teen Titans, and when we checked which episode it was, it was Apprentice part I. You can't get much more Robin-centric than the Apprentice episodes, so of course we watched. And now we have something to watch at four o'clock that's just long enough to give us a nice break, but not long enough to make us feel like slackers. Tadah! (that time really was a "tadah")

Oh! And we finally watched some Eyeshield21 today for the first time in like forever! We usually watched it on Saturday mornings, but since Celeste's boyfriend has to go out of town every week, then we don't always get the chance. We did this Saturday, but we were so behind on all our other anime that we decided to work on that instead. But anyway, this was the hour special that had footage of the flag football game that Miyano-kun was talking about. He was really excited about it, too, because he was like the team hero. The whole bit was hosted by him, Miyu Irino, and Kappei Yamaguchi. The last two make sense (Sena and Monta), but Miyano-kun (Sakuraba) seems kind of random. It was really fun though. And wow, whenever we saw Irino-kun with other cast members we were amused by how much taller he was than everyone else, but Miyano-kun is like a head taller than he is! Okay, maybe more like half a head (I don't quite remember and I'm too lazy to pull out the file and check), but still really tall! Like a giant! Only really skinny.

Today I'm thankful for getting four work orders, our vacation not lasting the entire month of September, Eyeshield21 specials featuring our favorite KH voice actors (that reminds me, I still have some reviewing), finding something to watch at breaktime, and pasteurization.
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