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So much for normalcy

Some evil sadist who's trying to kill our souls introduced Celeste to Kingdom of Loathing while we were gone yesterday. Neither of us have played the game ourselves, but we've heard just enough about it to not be surprised that she's now addicted to it. I guess it's really not that bad, because obviously I'm at the computer right now, and we've watched four episodes of anime and worked an hour on Fruits Basket. But we feel bad enough for boring her as it is, and now that she comes and actually sits behind us to wait for the computer, it's a little unnerving. Fortunately, she bores easily, and went off to play Tactics before we were finished. Which makes me feel a little bad, but, dude, she gets to play Tactics.

So now the universe has given us one more reason to buy a new computer. Before that, after our CD drive stopped working, we opened up My Computer, and discovered that our computer no longer acknowledges the existence of not only the CD drive, but our D drive, which is most unfortunate, because that's where we had been keeping all our Eyeshield21. Hopefully we'll be able to retrieve it when we get a new computer. That won't be happening until we at least get the books for a new series we might get to translate, but it will be happening.

And Celeste can't just go use Sarah's computer at Mom's place anymore, because she's decided, in light of recent events, to stop talking to Mom. Not that we blame her, but it does make it a very bad time to get addicted to computer games when we only have one computer. Especially because Celeste's boyfriend is out of town again this weekend.

Oh! I've been wanting to mention this. Rightstuf is having a sale where you can either get 10 select Geneon titles (DVDs and/or CDs) for $50 or 25 for $100. And any order made with that deal qualifies for free economy shipping. That's a pretty sweet deal, but we have no money, and neither Saiyuki Reload nor Strawberry Marshmellow is on the list. So I thought I'd mention it in the hopes that if anyone on our friends list decided to take advantage, they'd be kind enough to include The Law of Ueki vol.1 in their order, which of course we would pay them back for, including shipping to our apartment.

Today I'm thankful for having a Tony's pizza to eat for dinner tonight, new Danny Phantom movies, radio waves, microwaves, and hydro-electric power.
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