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And we completely forgot it's Hakkai's birthday.

I feel like right when we got used to Celeste being here, everything went crazy and we lost all sense of normalcy again. One day (I hope it's tomorrow!) we'll get back to our normal schedule. But today we went back to Mom's. It only took us a couple of hours to finish proofreading the report, but Mom had said that we could go fabric shopping when Sarah got home (three and a half hours later), so we hung around. We had brought books to read, but we lose patience with reading fairly quickly, especially when it's in Japanese and takes more brain power. It didn't matter anyway, because when we're sitting around waiting and not at our house and not having anyone else to talk to, we could have GameBoys and still be bored to death.

Sarah got home, at which point Mom said Sarah would take us home. If we were just going to go home, we could have called Celeste two and a half hours ago when we got tired of reading! So we asked about fabric shopping. Sarah had to buy some stuff for colorguard, too, so we decided to take care of both in the same trip. This was only really a problem because the Twins had just been sitting around doing nothing for a long time, and they hadn't had anything to eat except for very burnt popcorn. Both of those things were mostly our own fault, but that fact didn't help us to not be cranky.

The crankiness went away as soon as we started looking through pattern books at Jo-Ann's. It's hard to be annoyed with everything when you're looking at so many pretty costumes. Though if I'd been coveting a new costume for too long, it might have made me more bitter, but since I have to do all the sewing myself, it's easy to say, "Yeah, it would be nice, but eh." But the problem with looking through patterns (which we were really doing for no good reason and would have stopped any time someone said, "Okay, let's do what we came here for") is that it took so long that Mom was now very tired of shopping. While Sarah and I were getting fabric cut, Athena turned to her and said, "I'm sorry it's taking so long," and Mom said, "Yeah, me too." Normally that would have made me feel more guilty for taking so long, but everything we were buying was for either Sarah or Kimee, so this time it just made me angry. Especially because if Mom wants me to make this present for her step-daughter, I think she should be a little more helpful when choosing fabric, especially when part of the problem is finding something affordable. I could have just gone with the prom dress fabric!

Eheh. Not that I'm upset.

But now we're finally home, and we've eaten, so we can calm down. Maybe we should have waited to watch Host Club until we got home. But then that would have been even more torture when we were sitting around at Mom's place. Anyway, I only brought it up because I wanted everyone to know that it's Kazuhiko Inoue playing the school chairman. I would give a long list of his roles, but somehow I get the feeling Kakashi from Naruto is the only one that matters. Although he is Hatori in Fruits Basket. And! he's in Kingdom Hearts!

Tonight I'm thankful for maple donuts, Host Club 25, reasonable people, being done with that report, and being able to get back to Fruits Basket tomorrow.

Oh my goodness and we only just now realized that today is Hakkai's birthday! And we spent it being bored. We suck! That's okay; there's still time.
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